May 19, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 20




Newly Granted

Of Note



The following new and competitive renewal grants and awards were recorded in the Office of Grants Management for March 2000.


"Single-Molecule Analysis of Complex DNA Metabolism," Dr. Philip Serwer, National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Institute of General Medical Sciences, $700,250, 4 years.

"Diadenosine Oligophosphate Catabolic Enzymes in Yeast & Humans," Dr. Larry Barnes, National Science Foundation, $549,515, 4 years.

Cellular & Structural Biology

"Sensitizing Breast Cancer for Chemotherapy," Dr. Wanda Hardman, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, $48,406, 2 years.

"Individual Pre-Doctoral Dental Scientist Fellowship," Dr. Cara Knight, NIH/National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), $100,140, 4 years.

"Continuing Megabase Sequencing at the Baylor College of Medicine," Dr. Susan Naylor, Baylor College of Medicine, $241,310, 1 year.

"Characterization of Semaphorin IV in Tumorigenesis," Dr. Christin Tse, NIH/National Cancer Institute (NCI), $109,164, 3 years.

Chronic Nursing Care

"Teachers' Collaborative Community Health Planning & Development of a Model for Trans-Atlantic Exchange Between Students in Nursing Programs," Dr. Adrianne Linton, University of Utah, $21,536, 1 year.

Family Nursing Care

"Joint Appointment Agreement Between the Health Science Center & the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District-Patty Villarreal," Dr. Patricia Villarreal, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, $15,381, 6 months.

"A School-Based Tobacco Cessation Program for Adolescents," Dr. Kathleen Stevens, University Health System, $150,000, 1 year.

Family Practice

"Long-Term Acute Care Resident Training Program Agreement," Dr. David Espino, Nextcare Hospital of San Antonio, $38,985, 1 year.

"Evaluation of Elder Mistreatment," Dr. Charles Mouton, Texas Academy of Family Physicians Foundation, $2,230, 1 year.

Institute of Biotechnology

"The Role of BRCA1 as a Coactivator of P53-Dependent Transcriptional Activation," Dr. Thomas Boyer, Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) Research Foundation, $19,796, 1 year.

"Molecular Basis of the NBS1 Protein in Genomic Stability," Dr. Phang-Lang Chen, NIH/NCI $780,300, 4 years.

"Molecular Biology of the Synapse," Dr. Eileen Lafer, NIH/National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke, $1,300,500, 4 years.


"Medical Harms Workshop," Dr. Cynthia Mulrow, Agency for Health Care Policy & Research, $89,999, 1 year.

"Six-Month, Open-Label Evaluation of Lotrel in Hypertensive, Type 2 Diabetic Mexican Americans with Albuminuria," Dr. Charles Reasner, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, $30,000, 6 months.

"Pre-clinical Evaluation of Novel Genetically Engineered Chimeric Peptide for Treatment of Myeloma Bone Disease," Dr. Gregory Mundy, International Myeloma Foundation, $80,000, 1 year.

"Host Genetic Determinants of HIV Pathogenesis," Dr. Sunil Ahuja, NIH/National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, $2,688,434, 5 years.

"Defining & Managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," Dr. Cynthia Mulrow, Agency for Health Care Policy & Research, $249,999, 1 year.

"Epidemology & Ecology of Leishmaniasis in Texas," Dr. Peter Melby, Incarnate Word College, $10,967, 1 year.

"Exploring the Phenotypic Traits Associated with the Formation of Can-dida Albicans Biofilms," Dr. Jose Luis Lopez-Ribot, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, $198,830, 1 year.

"Interpersonnel Agreement (IPA) for Bysani Chandrasekar," Dr. Gregory Freeman, South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS), $63,541,
1 year.

"TEP Central Data Analysis Unit at San Antonio," Dr. John Cornell, Dartmouth College, $26,287, 2 months.

"Development of a Diet-Dependent Rodent Model of Type 2 Diabetes, Responsive to Sulfonyluria Drugs," Dr. Gabriel Fernandes, Diatex Inc., $4,092, 6 months.


"Cooperative Study #475: Antibiotic Treatment of Gulf War Veterans' Illness," Dr. Joel Baseman, STVHCS, $235,008, 1 year.

"Secretion Mechanism of a Novel C. Rectus S-Layer Protein," Dr. David Kolodrubetz, NIH/NIDCR, $478,892, 3 years.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

"The Effect of Chromium on Insulin Levels & Menstrual Cyclicity in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome," Dr. Angela Thyer, Endocrine Fellows Foundation, $7,500, 1 year.


"IPA for Dr. Randolph Glickman," Dr. Randolph Glickman, Department of the Navy, $13,059, 5 months.

"A Comparison of the Effects of Oral Indomethacin on the Clinical Efficacy of Latanoprost & Brimonidine," Dr. William Sponsel, Phamacia & UpJohn, $135,000, 1 year.


"Selective Tissue Accumulation of Liposomes During Altered Vascular Permeability," Dr. Linda McManus, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, $131,323, 1 years.

"Apoptotic Gene Expression Under Hypoxia Stress," Dr. Zheng Dong, $86,064, 1 year.

"Prevention of Breast Cancer Using Selective Retinoids," Dr. Dean Troyer, Baylor College of Medicine, $6,878, 2 years.

"Epstein Barr Virus-Related Lymphomagenesis in Immunodeficiency Clinical Screening Tests & Correlative Biologic Studies," Dr. Margaret Gulley, CTRC Research Foundation, $79,033, 1 year.

Pediatric Dentistry

"Efficacy & Safety of a Novel 5.3 percent Hydrogen Peroxide Tooth Bleaching System in Teenagers," Dr. Kevin Donly, Procter & Gamble Co., $37,004, 9 months.

"Gene Expression & Regulation During Odontogenesis," Dr. Mary MacDougall, NIH/NIDCR, $4,684,102, 5 years.


"Social Worker Services for HIV-Affected Families," Dr. Victor German, Providence Memorial Hospital, $30,000, 1 year.

"Hemophilia Diagnostic & Treatment Centers," Dr. Anthony Infante, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA), $80,700, 1 year.

"Prevention of the Complications of Hemophilia Through HTCs," Dr. Anthony Infante, UTHSCSA, $112,855, 1 year.

"School to Careers Final Contract," Dr. Celia Kaye, Alamo Work Force, $3,755, 7 months.

"Part-Time Services of a Geneticist to the Center for Genetic Services," Dr. Celia Kaye, Center for Genetic Services, $72,000, 1 year.

"Reducing Cultural Barriers to the Provision of Genetic Services in South Texas," Dr. Celia Kaye, Maternal & Child Health Bureau, $100,962, 1 year.

"Pilot Study on Phenketonuria Low-Protein Foods Pilot Study," Dr. Stuart Shapira, $6,495, 1 year.


"Kinetics of Serotonin Uptake In Vivo in Mice with Genetic Alterations of the Serotonin Transporter," Dr. Lynette Daws, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, $115,245, 1 year.

"Clinical & Economic Outcome of Community-Acquired Pneumonia," Dr. David Burgess, Abbott Laboratories, $22,500, 1 year.

"Agonist-Directed Trafficking: A Novel Concept for Drug Selectivity," Dr. William Clarke, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, $109,055, 1 year.


"The Effects of Implant Surface Composition on Cellular Biomechanical Characteristics," Dr. Daehwan Shin, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, $123,575, 1 year.


"A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Group Study of SL1381 in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder," Dr. Steven Pliszka, Worldwide Clinical Trials, $69,944, 1 year.

"TCADA-Maternal Residential Treatment Project," Dr. Raymond Costello, City of San Antonio, $20,897, 1 year.

"Cultural Competency: Practical Guidelines for Mental Health Service Providers," Dr. Delia Saldana, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, $24,621, 1 month.

"A 12-Month Open Label Study of SL1381 in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder," Dr. Steven Pliszka, Worldwide Clinical Trials, $18,976, 1 year.

"A Phase III, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study Evaluating the Safety & Outcome of Treatment with Oral Ziprasidone in Subjects with Mania," Dr. Jerry Olsen, Pfizer Incorporated, $230,950, 4 years.

"Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program for Middle School Children in the San Antonio Independent School District," Dr. Martha Medrano, Baptist Children's Home Ministries, $18,505, 8 months.

"Development of a Collaborative Program of Mental Health Research," Dr. Cervando Martinez, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, $200,000, 4 years.

"Testing & Adaptation of Outcome Measure for Latinos," Dr. Margaret Hoppe, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus, $29,722, 1 year.

Respiratory Care

"Respiratory Care Services," Dr. David Shelledy, University Health System, $29,321, 5 months.

South Texas Health Research Center

"Bexar County Tobacco Youth Campaign," Dr. Roberto Villarreal, University Health System, $252,000, 1 year.

"South Texas Injury Prevention & Research Center," Dr. Roberto Villarreal, University Health System, $275,000, 1 year.

Student Services

"Pell Grant Program for Nursing & Allied Health Students," Dr. Robert Lawson, U. S. Department of Education, $419,074, 1 year.


"IPA Agreement for Paramita Ghosh," Dr. Jeffrey Kreisberg, STVHCS, $46,136, 1 month.

"In Vivo Modulation of Progression in Colon Cancer," Dr. Michael Brattain, Case Western Reserve University, $88,853, 1 year.

"Use of NASA Bioreactor to Study Cell Cycle Regulation," Dr. Milburn Jessup, NASA, $337,785, 2 years.