April 21, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 16



Of Note



Benefits issues should be handled by insurance carrier

Organizations and commercial vendors, including health insurance companies, continue to refine business processes and remain alert for possible Y2K-related shortcomings.

Sometimes people are inconvenienced and need help to resolve these personal situations. Employees at the Health Science Center whose health insurance benefits status may have changed since Jan. 1, and who have experienced insurance claims problems, should promptly contact the insurance carrier. If the problem cannot be resolved with the commercial carrier, then employees should call HSC Benefits Section in the Office of Human Resources at ext. 7-2610.

Insurance status changes since the new year began such as changing from employee-only to employee-with-family coverage, are typically processed without a problem. However, if an individual's health insurance status has changed this year and there is a problem with insurance claims, the first step should be to call the commercial insurance carrier. Afterward, the Office of Human Resources is prepared to help.