January 22, 1999
Volume XXXII No. 3

Health Science Center's Y2K initiatives praised

The Health Science Center is doing an excellent job preparing for the Year 2000 computer challenge, according to a recently issued national publication. The Year 2000 issue is popularly known as "Y2K."

"The October 1998 edition of Healthcare Informatics recognized the Health Science Center by including its Web site and stating that we provide an 'excellent tool kit for testing procedures for embedded devices,'" said A. Jerome York, vice president and chief information officer. "This is another acknowledgement of the excellent planning and preparation that has taken place for the institution's Year 2000 challenge."

The UTHSCSA Web site is listed with a select group of online resources at the conclusion of an article titled "Before You See Smoke." The story discusses hospitals' responses to the Y2K issue, noting that they "rank at the bottom of the list, along with cash-strapped educational institutions, as the least-mobilized industry sector for addressing Year 2000 problems."

Hospitals face breakdowns in biomedical systems with embedded microprocessors. These include electrocardiograms, ventilators, IV pumps and CT scanners.

The Health Science Center site is also one of 27 university sites worldwide listed as recommended Y2K references by EDUCAUSE, a national non-profit advocacy group for higher education and information technology. The list is on the Web.

The UTHSCSA site contains Y2K guidance on common software, compliance status of hundreds of embedded logic devices and systems, and the written responses on Y2K readiness from nearly 300 of the Health Science Center's suppliers of critical goods and services.

Y2K planning at the Health Science Center began in 1995 with identification of critical systems vulnerable to the problem.

The current focus is on critical suppliers and the exchange of electronic information with other organizations.

Y2K problems will occur because many computers are programmed to read years as two digits instead of four. A non-Y2K-compliant computer could see the year 2000 as 1900, for example.

The President's Year 2000 Task Force began meeting in September 1997. Members include Dr. Gary Clark, medicine; Renee Cornett, dental hygiene; Margaret Drake, institutional management support; Dr. Deborah Greene; vice president for institutional effectiveness and planning; Molly Greene, vice president's office; Dr. Gary Guest, dental diagnostic science; and Murray Howard, vice president's office.

Members also include Dr. Terry Mikiten, associate graduate dean; Dr. Ruth Pakieser, nursing; Christopher Kirby, intellectual property administration; Dr. Frank Stafford, computing resources; Frank Quijano; instrumentation services; Jim Barrett, computing resources; and Noemi Trejo, computing resources.

Valuable efforts by 76 departmental Y2K representatives have produced inventories of 12,000 campus items, including serial numbers for the items.

NIH grants and agreements increased 8 percent in FY98

The Health Science Center recorded a nearly 8 percent increase in Fiscal Year 1998 grants and other agreements from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The preliminary total of FY98 agreements from NIH was $46.5 million, an increase of 7.9 percent from the FY97 total of $43.1 million.

NIH had not published final FY98 results as of Wednesday (Jan. 20), but the preliminary figure is consistent with the total of grants and other agreements recorded by the Office of Grants Management in FY98, said Jane Youngers, grants management director.

The Health Science Center's increase corresponded to a rise in NIH appropriations. The NIH experienced a 7 1/2 percent increase in FY98, Youngers said. "We should be proud that our faculty stayed competitive and took advantage of the additional monies NIH awarded," she said.

The federal government's fiscal year differs from the state's fiscal year by one month, she noted.

Grants management likely will have final numbers from the NIH in four to six weeks, and will make those available to department chairs and the Executive Committee at that time, Youngers said.

With the NIH increase as a foundation, total sponsored programs increased by 14 percent in FY98 to an all-time high of $128.5 million. The FY97 total was $112.5 million.

Though the parking lots are full, few problems are reported

All students and faculty returned to campus this week (Jan. 19-22) for the first time since construction began on twin parking garages for the Health Science Center. Students in the School of Nursing started their spring semester Tuesday (Jan. 19).

The student "D" lot near Louis Pasteur Drive was filled to capacity one day this week. First-year students utilized the off-campus parking lot on Datapoint Drive.

Although more questions were asked, not many more problems occurred than in a typical week before construction, according to the University Police Department.

People improperly parking their vehicles were issued warnings. Starting Monday, Jan.25, citations will be issued. Anyone with parking questions may call university police at ext. 2790.

"I want to thank everyone for their cooperation; it has been truly outstanding," said University Police Chief Robert Bratten.

As more construction vehicles enter the campus in upcoming weeks, parking and driving on the campus may be affected further. University police will keep everyone updated through messages on a marquee sign at the Floyd Curl Drive entrance, on the university police Web site, in The News, and on fliers.

Pick a catalog, any catalog

pick a catalog

Curtis Nickel (left) from general stores speaks with Steve King and Jennifer Wood, purchasing, during the 1999 Boise Cascade Office Products Show. The show attracted hundreds of faculty and staff and introduced them to new products in the 1999 Boise Cascade catalog. All the items are available through general stores, a division of general services. Nickel explained that in addition to the catalog, which includes more than 10,000 items, a new, slimmer "preferred" catalog is available for the first time. The new books, which contain items that can be ordered on next-day turnaround, are available by calling general stores, ext. 5982.

Newly Granted

The following new and competitive renewal grants and awards were recorded in 1998 by the grants management office. Many are ongoing in 1999.

Acute nursing care
"Novel External Urinary Collection System," Dr. Nancy Girard, Biomedical Development Corp., $1,950, 4 months.

"Ethnographic Study of Hispanic Women's Experiences & Attitudes Regarding Genetic Screening for Birth Defects," Dr. Linda Hunt, San Antonio Area Foundation, $25,000, 1 year.

"A Double-Blinded Study to Investigate the Effects of Botulinum Toxin on Myofascial Pain of the Upper Trapezius," Dr. Somayaji Ramamurthy, Allergan, $37,600, 1 year.

"Inhibition of Human p450s & Other Heme Proteins by Nitric Oxide: Implications for Altered Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics," Dr. Richard Miller, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, $34,900, 1 month.

Cellular & structural biology
"Apoptosis & Cervical Cancer," Dr. Brian Herman, NIH/National Institute on Aging, $208,137, 1 year.

"Mechanisms of Hypoxic/Reperfusion Injury in Endothelium," Dr. Brian Herman, NIH/NIA, $651,669, 3 years.

"A Mouse Model to Analyze Arsenic-Mediated Skin Pathology," Dr. Christi Walter, UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, $21,709, 1 year.

Community dentistry
"Dental Health Assessment of Texas Children (in Texas Schools & Communities)," Dr. John Brown, Texas Department of Health (TDH), $254,575, 1 year.

Dental hygiene
"Academic Training in Dental Hygiene Education," Renee Cornett, U.S. Army, $81,892, 1 year.

Ed. research & development
"Adult Science Education: Bridging the Gap," Dr. John Littlefield, subgrant from UT Austin, $12,000, 1 year.

"Adrenergic Modulation of Neuropeptide Secretion in Pulp," Dr. Patricia Claude, NIH/National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR), $81,336, 3 years.

"Peripheral Cannabinoids & Neurogenic Inflammation," Dr. Kenneth Hargreaves, NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse, $1,358,300, 5 years.

"Development of an In Vitro Model to Evaluate Mechanisms of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy," Dr. Kenneth Hargreaves, San Antonio Area Foundation, $25,425, 1 year.

"Effect of RHNGF on Diabetic Neuropathy in an STZ Model of Diabetics," Dr. Kenneth Hargreaves, Genentech Inc., $45,000, 9 months.

Family nursing care
"AIDS Education & Training Center," Dr. Margaret Brackley, UTHSC-Houston, $10,000, 1 year.

Family practice
"Family Practice Residency Program Pilot Project," Dr. Joshua Freeman, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, $197,440, 1 year.

"The Effect of Continuous Walking on Plantar Pressure, Kinetic & Kinematic Measures in Diabetic Subjects," Dr. Toni Miles, University of Ballarat (Australia), $3,000, 1 month.

"Salary Reimbursement Agreement with Spohn Memorial Hospital," Dr. Barry Weiss, Nueces County/Spohn Memorial Hospital, $1,476,461, 1 year.

General dentistry
"Development of a High-Density Image Analysis for an Experimental Remineralization Technique," Dr. E. Steven Duke, Enamelon Inc., $10,000, 8 months.

Institute of biotechnology
"ATM in Neurodegeneration," Dr. Eva Lee, A-T Children's Project, $50,000, 1 year.

Institutional review board
"CTRC/IRB Agreement for Part-Time Clerical Position," Dr. Wayne Pierson, Cancer & Therapy Research Foundation, $16,750, 1 year.

Institutional safety
"Central Radiation Safety," Ben Clements, University Health System, $111,810, 1 year.

Medical dean's office
"1998 University Health System/University Physicians Group Agreement," Dr. James Young, UHS/UPG, $15,032,844, 9 months.

"1998 UHS/UPG Agreement," Dr. James Young, UHS/UPG, $5,682,132, 1 year.

"Inflammatory Mediators & Glomerular Cells in Culture," Dr. Hanna Abboud, NIH/National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases (NIDDKD), $995,342, 1 year.

"A Randomized Comparison of the ACS Multilink Stent with or without Adjunctive Directional Atherectomy (DCA) in Treatment of Patients with De-Novo or Restenotic Native Coronary Artery Lesion," Dr. Steven Bailey, Advanced Cardiovascular Systems Inc., $50,000, 18 months.

+"Study of 5-Lipoxygenase in Bone," Dr. Lynda Bonewald, NIH/National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases (NIAMSD), $825,438, 1 year.

"Medical Director/Chief Executive & Director of Institute for Cancer Research," Dr. Charles Coltman, Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC), $274,955, 15 months.

"Medical Director/Chief Executive & Director of Institute for Cancer Research - Supplement," Dr. Charles Coltman, CTRC, $105,851, 8 months.

"Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Agreement for Richard Moreno," Dr. Meghan Gerety, South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS), $118,113, 1 year.

"NIDDM Primary Prevention Trial," Dr. Steven Haffner, NIH/NIDDKD, $84,827, 9 months.

"Hyperoxic-Induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome," Dr. Stephen Jenkinson, Glaxo Wellcome Inc., $35,000, 1 year.

"A Phase II Study to Evaluate the Efficacy & Safety of Repetitive Daily Intravenous Doses of RSR13 Administered to Patients Receiving Cranial Radiation Therapy for Glioblastoma Multiforme," Dr. Pamela New, Allos Therapeutics Inc., $47,750, 1 year.

"HET is a Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene in Human Breast Cancer," Dr. Steffi Oesterreich, U.S. Army, $266,208, 3 years.

"A New Nuclear Matrix Protein in Breast Cancer Growth," Dr. Steffi Oesterreich, NIH/National Cancer Institute, $490,590, 44 months.

"A Double-Blind, Randomized, Multicenter Trial Comparing the Efficacy & Tolerability of 125 & 250mg of Faslodex (Long-Acting ICI 182,780)

with 1mg Arimidex (Anastrozole) in Post-Menopausal Women with Advanced Breast Cancer," Dr. C. Kent Osborne, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, $18,500, 32 months.

"Linezolid Given Intravenously & Orally for Compassionate Use in Patients with Life-Threatening, Multidrug-Resistant, Gram-Positive Organisms," Dr. Jan Patterson, Pharmacia & Upjohn Co., $5,000, 1 month.

"IPA for Arshia Azimi," Dr. Sumanth Prabhu, STVHCS, $52,920, 2 years.

"Pathobiology of the Osteoclast in Paget's Disease," Dr. David Roodman, NIH/NIAMSD, $908,610, 4 years.

"The PSA 4000, An EEG Monitoring Device that Calculates a Number

Representative of Depth of Anesthesia, will be Studied in Humans for Safety & Efficacy in Preparation for FDA Approval for Marketing," Dr. Tod Sloan, Physiometrix Inc., $53,050, 1 year.

"A Multicenter, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Pleconaril in the Treatment of Enteroviral Meningitis in Adolescents & Adults," Dr. Jean Smith, Viropharma Inc., $31,000, 9 months.

"John J. Mekalanos Visiting Professorship," Dr. Karl Klose, Burroughs Wellcome, $5,000, 9 month.

Oral & maxillofacial surgery
"The Effect of Oxidative Stress on Degradation Debris from Biodegradable Matrices," Dr. John Schmitz, NIH/NIDR, $70,615, 2 years.

"Public Health Initiative to Screen High-Risk Diabetic Patients in an

Under-Served Population," Dr. David Armstrong, American Podiatric Medical Association Inc., $30,000, 2 years.

"Collaborative Program in BPD," Dr. Jacqueline Coalson, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, $313,635, 1 year.

"Biomarkers of Clinical Outcome in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma," Dr. Margaret Gulley, CTRF, $63,789, 1 year.

"Glucose-Dependent Phenotypic Alterations in Diabetic PMN," Dr. Linda McManus, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International, $50,000, 1 year.

"Cell Pathology in Kidney Hypoxia: Role of BAX," Dr. Pothana Saikumar, NIH/NIDDKD, $752,416, 5 years.

"Case Management Services to Sickle-Cell Patients," Dr. Howard Britton, TDH, $26,730, 1 year.

"Functional Study of KSHV Latent Nuclear Antigen," Dr. Shou-Jiang Gao, Elsa U. Pardee Foundation, $117,807, 2 years.

"South Texas Center for the Study of Approaches to Children with Special Health Care Needs in Managed Care," Dr. Victor German, U.S. Human Resources & Services Administration/Maternal & Child Health Bureau, $800,000, 4 years.

"Services to Northside ISD for Respiratory Care Medical Consultation," Dr. Victor German, Northside ISD, $11,000, 1 year.

"Anti-viral Susceptibility Testing for Human Herpesvirus Type 6 (HHV6) & Human Herpesvirus Type 8 (HHV8) (also known as Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus -KSHV)," Dr. Hal Jenson, Glaxo Wellcome, $39,600, 1 year.

"Supplement for Studies of Pediatric AIDS-Related Malignancies," Dr. Hal Jenson, Northwestern University/NIH, $40,145, 1 year.

"Genetic Services Provisions in Primary Care Settings in South Texas: Spreading the Goal to Private Practitioners in Region VIII," Dr. Celia Kaye, TDH, $65,004, 1 year.

"Services to Northside ISD for Medical Consultation," Dr. John Mangos, Northside ISD, $11,000, 1 year.

"Primary Care Residency Program," Dr. Robert Nolan, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, $30,000, 1 year.

"China-U.S. Workshop on the Role of Saliva in Oral Health," Dr. Guo Zhang, NIH/NIDR, $28,200, 1 year.

"Proteolytic Events in Periodontal Disease & Oral Cancer," Dr. Bjorn Steffensen, NIH/NIDR, $72,500, 2 years.

"Use of Chronoamperometry to Measure Extracellular 5-H: Supplement," Dr. Alan Frazer, NIH/National Institute on Mental Health, $108,305, 30 months.

"A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel,

Eight-Week Ambulatory Blood Pressure-Monitoring Study for Three Dose Regimens of Omapatrilat Administered Once Daily or Twice Daily," Dr. Alexander Shepherd, Bristol Myers Squibb, $30,552, 9 months.

"Menstrual Phase & Neural Control of Skin Blood Flow," Dr. John Johnson, NIH/National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, $1,223,964, 5 years.

President's office
"Training of Resident Physicians," Robert B. Price, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, $424,717, 1 year.

"Southwest Mental Health Center," Dr. Charles Bowden, Southwest Mental Health Center, $47,077, 1 year.

"Services of a Half-time Psychology Resident," Dr. Charles Bowden, Laurel Ridge Hospital, $20,876, 1 year.

"Services for PG-IV Psychiatry Residents," Dr. Charles Bowden, Mission Vista Hospital, $47,027, 1 year.

"Texas Earns: Employment Assistance Through Reciprocity," Dr. Margaret Hoppe, Texas Mental Health/Mental Retardation, $48,913, 1 year.

"1997 Consortia Services," Dr. Cervando Martinez, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, $1,753, 3 months.

"Services of a Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Resident to North East ISD," Dr. Steven Pliszka, North East ISD, $25,920, 1 year.

"An Open-Label Extension Study of Depakote in the Treatment of Signs & Symptoms of Mania in Elderly Patients with Dementia," Dr. Donald Royall, Abbott Laboratories/Covance Inc., $21,000, 1 year.

"A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Depakote in the Treatment of Signs & Symptoms of Mania in Elderly Patients with Dementia: Study M97-738," Dr. Donald Royall, Abbott Laboratories/Covance Inc., $87,991, 2 years.

Restorative dentistry
"HA & TI Coatings on Bone-Implant Interactions," Dr. Joo Ong, NIH/NIDR, $72,500, 2 years.

School of public health
"Public Health Program Extension in San Antonio," Dr. Jimmy Perkins, UTHSC-Houston, $12,000, 1 year.

"Urology Professional Services," Dr. Thomas Ball, STVHCS, $45,650, 1 year.

"South Texas Poison Control Center," Dr. Miguel Fernandez, TDH, $927,266, 1 year.

Theft alert issued by hospital council

The University Police Department was informed recently of medical equipment thefts in North Texas totaling $1.25 million. The alert came from the Greater San Antonio Hospital Council. The thieves are expected to move their operations from the Dallas-Fort Worth area soon and begin working in another region, according to a memo from university police Officer Steven Atkins.

In the North Texas incidents, two men posing as equipment repairmen entered the surgery units of two hospitals and stole $750,000 in laparoscopes and endoscopes, and $500,000 in x-ray equipment. In one case, the suspects were wearing green scrub suits, lab coats and vendor ID badges. Security videos show the equipment was transported in a two-ton truck and conversion van.

The university police Crime Prevention Unit wants faculty, staff and students to be aware of the thefts and to report any suspicious activities to the police department.

RAHC meeting

RAHC meeting

Representatives of Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, The University of Texas System and the Medical School gathered Jan. 6 to discuss the Regional Academic Health Center (RAHC) approved by UT System regents in November. Harlingen is one of four Rio Grande Valley cities--along with McAllen, Brownsville and Edinburg--selected as sites for RAHC facilities. The Health Science Center will operate RAHC research and education divisions. Pictured are (L-R seated) Dr. Elly Xenakis, ob-gyn; Dr. Jim Doluisio, UT System; Richard Garcia, Area Health Education Center; Dr. Adela Valdez, Valley Baptist Medical Center; and Dr. James Young, medical dean; and (L-R standing) Dr. Kenneth Sirinek, surgery;Dr. Marvin Forland, medical dean's office; Mike Watt, the Lewin Group in Harlingen; Dr. Donald Graydon, medical dean's office; Dr. George Crawford, medicine; Dr. Mark Henderson, medicine; Evelyn Evans, medical dean's office; Dr. David Altman, the Lewin Group; Bill Adams, Valley Baptist; and Randy Whittington, legal consultant from Harlingen. Drs. Sirinek, Xenakis, Henderson and Crawford direct their departments' residency programs.

Dr. Thomas retires

Dr. Thomas Dr. John Thomas, vice president for academic services and professor of pharmacology, retired in December after 11 distinguished years of service to the Health Science Center.

Former holder of professorships in departments of pharmacology and toxicology in several medical schools, including Iowa, Virginia and West Virginia, he mentored many doctoral students and trained several postdoctoral fellows. From 1973 to 1982, he served as associate dean of the School of Medicine at West Virginia University. Dr. Thomas joined the Health Science Center after five years of corporate research. He oversaw the university's support services and facilities used in academic training and research, and received many appointments and awards, including membership in the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. His most recent honor, bestowed in December, is the TSBR Distinguished Service Award from the Texas Society for Biomedical Research.

Forensic callers will dial new numbers

Effective Jan. 29, the Bexar County Forensic Science Center will have new telephone numbers. Listed below are new phone numbers for Forensic Science Center staff having the most communications with Health Science Center staff:

Forensic Science Center receptionist

Steve Hanson, chief medical investigator and investigations

Dr. Vincent DiMaio, chief medical examiner

Dr. Robert Bux, deputy chief medical examiner

Dr. Suzanna Dana, medical examiner

Dr. Jan Garavaglia, medical examiner

Dr. Randall Frost, medical examiner

Patricia Hitch, Forensic Science Center administrator

(Point of contact for facility-related issues)

Gloria Delgado, office assistant IV, personnel & admin. issues

Dr. Gary Kunsman, chief toxicologist

Timothy Fallon, criminal investigation laboratory manager

Louise Guerrero, office assistant III-criminal investigation
(laboratory personnel and administration)

In Memoriam

Long worked with U.S. veterans
in Frank Tejeda Outpatient Clinic

Dr. Thomas Dr. Marci Long, assistant professor of psychiatry at the Health Science Center, died Jan. 14 in San Antonio. She was 37.

A native of Michigan, Dr. Long earned her medical degree from Michigan State University in 1987. She completed a four-year internship and residency at the Health Science Center in 1991 and a geriatric psychiatry fellowship at the university in 1993. That year, she became a staff psychiatrist at the South Texas Veterans Health Care System and assistant professor at the Health Science Center.

Among her many responsibilities, she worked with the VA's Mental Health Outpatient Service and at the Frank Tejeda Outpatient Clinic doing compensation and pension exams for veterans.

Dr. Long was a Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners and of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. In 1996, she received the Department of Psychiatry's Excellence in Teaching Award.

In lieu of flowers, her family requests that memorials be made to the Battered Women's Shelter in San Antonio.

She was the daughter of Maurice and Marilyn Long.

'Telemedicine Peripherals' show offered Feb. 2

Interested in long-distance physician consultations and other interactive, two-way applications in health care? You'll want to attend a "Telemedicine Peripherals" show Tuesday, Feb. 2, in the Health Science Center auditorium.

Hands-on displays will be featured, and vendors will include AMD, Andries Tek and Jedmed. Drop in any time between 10 a.m. and noon or 1:30 and 4 p.m.

For more information, call ext. 2185.


Of Note

Clean-up days planned
The United Way "SaturDays of Caring," a San Antonio area flood clean-up project similar to the annual charitable Days of Caring, resumes with a workday Jan. 30 in John James Park.

The San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department has identified projects for volunteer assistance. The department will supervise the volunteers and provide all necessary tools and supplies.

Future clean-up efforts are planned for Feb. 13 in Southside Lions Park, Feb. 27 in J Street Park, March 13 in Mateo Camargo Park and March 27 in Olmos Park.

Interested faculty, staff and students may call the office of Dr. Deborah Greene, vice president for institutional effectiveness and planning, at ext. 2004.

QuickTime session set
A free workshop on "Producing and Publishing Your Ideas with QuickTime Technologies" is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29, in lecture hall 3.104A (behind the Subway store).

The workshop is a presentation of the Health Science Center's Macintosh User's Group and Apple Computers. Macintosh and PC users who want to produce and publish their ideas using multimedia will learn how QuickTime, Apple's cross-platform software, can be used for digital media capture, creation, editing and publishing on the World Wide Web and CD-ROM. Digital media include video, audio, image and MIDI files.

Apple QuickTime specialist Steve Chazin is the workshop host. Hardware and software coverage will include Avid Cinema, DV cameras, Virtual PC, virtual reality, Premiere, Virtus VR, WebStar and other tools.

For more information, check out the group's home page or contact Hank Gath, ext. 2832 or <gath@uthscsa.edu>.

India to be celebrated
This month's International Evening Program will spotlight India, home of the fabled Taj Mahal and Ganges, the cosmopolitan Bombay and teeming Calcutta. The program is offered in commemoration of the 49th anniversary of India Republic Day, Jan. 26, 1950.

The program starts with a reception at 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29, in the

Dental School cafeteria. At 7:30, light refreshments will be provided by the International Alliance. Visitors are asked to bring food representative of their native countries.

Dr. Mark Panda, biochemistry, and his wife, Bidyut, will present the India program at 8 p.m.

Abstracts due
The U.S./Mexico Border Health Association, in collaboration with the Texas Department of Health, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District and the Pan American Health Organization, will host its 57th annual meeting June 2-4 in San Antonio.

More than 600 health professionals, researchers and individuals interested in border health are expected to participate in the meeting, titled "Health as a Bridge to Binational Understanding." Abstracts are due Feb. 1 in the following tracks: surveillance/epidemiology, clinical management, environmental health, health promotion and prevention, and health, trade and development.

For more information, call (915) 581-6645 or navigate to the Web site.

Zebra fish expert visits

Dr. Hopkins The UTHSCSA Distinguished Lecture Series recently welcomed Dr. Nancy H.D. Hopkins, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Biology and Center for Cancer Research in Cambridge. She lectured on "A Large Insertional Mutagenesis Screen to Identify Genes Essential for Embryonic Development of the Zebra Fish." Researchers in several Health Science Center departments are interested in zebra fish as disease models, and a zebra fish laboratory is operating in the Department of Cellular & Structural Biology.

WBU extension classes start March 1

Wayland Baptist University (WBU) will offer three classes at the Health Science Center for the Spring 1999 semester. The class titles and days are: Monday,

Administration and Organization of Health Facilities; Wednesday, Theory & Practice of Supervision; and Thursday, Health Care Law.

The spring semester begins March 1 and concludes May 22. To learn more, schedule an appointment with John Hogwood, admissions counselor, who will be in the employee development & training office from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29.

Call ext. 2326 to schedule an appointment.

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