January 15, 1999
Volume XXXII No. 2

Dr. Donald Gordon, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medical Technology, is the subject of a multiple-page picture profile in the December 1998 issue of Texas Medicine. The "Time to Care" feature describes the physicians' busy schedules and the difficult task of finding time to serve the profession. Photos of Dr. Gordon, who serves on committees of the Texas Medical Association (TMA), include this cover shot of him with a young patient. Other pictures show Dr. Gordon at CPR Day, in consultations with paramedics, conducting a Green Berets training class in emergency medical technology, conferring with peers at TMA meetings in Austin, at work in his office and checking ambulance equipment, and at home visiting with family members.

Dr. Gordon is Secretary/Treasurer of the Bexar County Medical Society and chairs the national committee which advises the Red Cross in first aid and safety standards.

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