Commemorative Issue
Sept. 28, 2001

Six Campuses — One Mission

Photo of sculpture and plaque
The inscription on the plaque reads:
Commemorating the Investiture of Francisco G. Cigarroa, M.D., as the third president of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, this sculpture represents all the components of our university. The Central Campus is represented by the center star and the five points that expand it are representative of the newer campus sites: The Texas Research Park Campus, The North Campus, The Laredo Campus, The Edinburg Campus and The Harlingen Campus.
September 7, 2001

Through years of perseverance, dedication and a brilliant vision, the School of Medicine evolved into the Health Science Center we know today. Not only is it a comprehensive health professions university, its reach extends far beyond the limits of San Antonio — an achievement highlighted during the investiture ceremony.

Representatives from the UTHSC's six campuses offered a symbolic perspective of what the Health Science Center has become by presenting Dr. Cigarroa with the sculpture of a star.

The center of the star represents the UTHSC's Central Campus in San Antonio. The surrounding points of the star highlight the five other campuses including the North Campus, the Texas Research Park Campus, and the campuses in Edinburg, Harlingen and Laredo. Representatives from each campus pieced the sculpture together.

The completed sculpture symbolizes the six campuses as one university with a unified mission.

Gayle Price set the first piece of the sculpture in place. Price represented the Central Campus. She is an employee in the office of external affairs, and has been with the Health Science Center for 35 years.

Diana Hottle of the Texas Research Park Campus placed the first of five points onto the sculpture. Mike McGinley of the North Campus' Research Imaging Center and Bryan Navarette of the Laredo Campus followed Hottle.

Two Health Science Center students put the remaining points of the sculpture in place. Rene Alvarez, a student in the graduate school, represented the Edinburg Campus. James Juarez, a second-year medical student, represented the Harlingen Campus.

The sculpture will remain on display in the foyer of the Health Science Center auditorium.

Representing the Laredo Campus, Bryan Navarette places the fifth piece of the star into the sculpture. (L-R) Gayle Price, Diana Hottle and Mike McGinley all represented their campuses during the presentation. Students (not pictured) Rene Alvarez, of the Edinburg Campus, and James Juarez, of the Harlingen Campus, also participated in the ceremony.

Photo of Navarrette with sculpture