Web Template Accessibility Elements

Web sites at the Health Science Center need to meet accessibility standards, and contain prescribed elements. Templates are required, and may be obtained from Multimedia Services.


Institutional web pages use the color palette prescribed in the style guide published by the Office of Communications. A two-button search field is required in the template header. Sites are indexed by the university web crawler Google. Contact Multimedia Services for the code.


There are six required elements in a site's footer. First, as a "comment," add the name of the department responsible for the site and the name of the person who maintains it. The information will show in the source file only. This may be done most easily in the file /includes/footer.html. Example:


<!-- This site is published by the Office of Communications and maintained by John Smith-->


The five other required elements visible in the footer are:

  1. Name or email address of the contact person for the site
  2. Date the site was updated
  3. A link to the university homepage
  4. A copyright notice
  5. A disclaimer. Choose the most appropriate of these three:
      • Links provided from UTHSCSA pages to other web sites do not constitute or imply an endorsement of those sites, their content, or products and services associated with those sites.
      • Material and links provided by UTHSCSA are for informational purposes only. Health information provided is not meant to take the place of advice and care from your personal physician. For help with specific health problems you may be experiencing, please contact your physician who can properly evaluate your medical condition.
      • Additional material is provided to assist potential students, faculty, employees, researchers, and others seeking information about UTHSCSA. Please call for the latest, most accurate information.

In addition, meta tags need to be placed in the <head> element right after </title>. Four are required:

  1. Title: Main listing of your page. Use the page's own title if it is descriptive. Example:
    <meta name="title" content="Web Design, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio">
  2. Contents: Summary of information on the page. Example:
    <meta name="description" content="Main page listing departments at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio">
  3. Keywords: Words or descriptive phrases in the page that search engines read. Example:
    <meta name="keywords" content="dentistry,medicine,nursing,health professions">
  4. Author: The state's name plus the institution's name. Author, department or school may be added, too. Example:
    <meta name="author" content="State of Texas,University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio">