Monarch Stationery

Monarch-size stationery may carry the university logo or customized logo centered at the top margin. Monarch-size stationery is anything less than 8.5 by 11 inches.


The full-color logo should be used on monarch size stationery and envelopes.


The name of the school, department, center, etc. is centered at the bottom. Typically, the type is set in 10 point Whitney Medium SC. The mail code, address, phone number, etc. is typeset in 10 point Whitney Light.


The university’s website, uthscsa.edu, must appear on all letterhead. Websites of individual units may be included on letterhead in addition to the university’s website.


Monarch-size envelopes have the return address aligned under the “U” in the logotype. The type is set in 8 point Whitney Light.


The return address must include a mail code on a line above the street address. It can be included with the department, school, center, etc.


Monarch Stationary


The stock for monarch stationery is white with a smooth finish.


Monarch stationery may only be ordered from UT Print to ensure the correct format, color and stock is used.