Additional Color Palette

Additional color palette choices may include any of the school colors screened. It is important to look at the palettes as guidelines, not limitations. By implementing these identity colors across different materials, the Health Science Center can develop a signature look.


Although the five hexagons represent the five schools of the Health Science Center, the colors are not meant to
be the official colors of each school nor are the schools restricted to the use of their designated color.


The Health Science Center - Pantone 166 orange
School of Medicine - Pantone 342 green
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences - Pantone 301 blue
School of Allied Health Sciences - Pantone 321 teal
Dental School - Pantone 2587 purple
School of Nursing - represented in the logo hexagons by Pantone 166 orange. For Web and print materials, Pantone 144.


The full-color logo should not be placed on any background at a percentage higher than 20 percent.


additional color palette