Logo Clear Space

Part of the purpose of the branding program is not only to create a visual program, but also to make the program visible. The following guidelines discuss how to determine the “clear space” (space around the logo), thereby emphasizing the logo. The recommended spacing surrounding the logo is the minimum distance that is required between the logo and any other visual element such as text, illustration, photography, borders, etc.

Clear Space Guidelines:

Consider the cap height of logotype as indicated is “X.” The closest any element may appear to the logo is “X.”


logo clear space from cap height



horizontal logo clear space


clear space on vertical logo


Exceptions to Clear Space

The only exception to the clear space guidelines would be tag lines and/or descriptors (see Logo Variation, section 4.0)


All official files of the university logo and acceptable variations can be found online at www.uthscsa.edu/op/styleguide/logo.