Logo Assignment System

The Health Science Center branding program has the challenge of integrating various schools, campuses, departments, programs, centers and institutes with the institutional logo. To accomplish this, a logo assignment system has been created. Diagrammed on this page are examples of various placements.


Placement A – The area above the university name/logotype is reserved for:

  • the tag line “We make lives better”
  • schools
  • regional campuses
  • designated and donor-named centers and institutes
  • programs, offices and departments that operate in multiple schools.

Placement B – The area below the university name/logotype can be used for:

  • “San Antonio”
  • the tag line “We make lives better”
  • programs, offices, departments or official university organizations that operate within a school

Horizontal format

horizontal logo


horizontal school logo


vertical school of medicine logo


vertical departmental logo


Use only approved logos. All official files of the university logo and acceptable variations can be found online at www.uthscsa.edu/op/styleguide/logo.


If you do not have the logo in a format that suits your needs, or cannot find a suitable logo on the branding Web site (www.uthscsa.edu/op/styleguide/logo), complete the online logo request.


A unified communications program is central to our ability to build public awareness of what we stand for and to demonstrate our relevance to people’s lives.

One aspect of the Health Science Center’s brand is our visual identity. When the public views an item that carries the Health Science Center’s visual identity, they form or modify an opinion about our character, values, standards and goals. More than colors, fonts and logos, our identity is an important communications tool and must be employed with care and consideration. This becomes increasingly significant as we seek to define and differentiate ourselves in the increasingly crowded marketplace of education, health care and research. Like any successful and self-confident organization, we need to communicate our excellence to the world with a unified identity, which strengthens our brand.

The consistent use of our logo plays a critical role in the university’s identity system by building greater recognition – throughout the community and the world – of our Health Science Center. Therefore, it must take precedence over the use of any other icon/graphics symbol being used to represent a unit of the UT Health Science Center.


Approval from the Health Science Center Office of Communications must be obtained for exceptions to the use of the logo.