Presidential Employee Excellence in Service Awards


The purpose of the Presidential Employee Excellence in Service Awards is to recognize staff members who have made truly distinctive contributions to the Health Science Center and our missions of teaching, research, patient care, and public service.


Up to five classified and/or Administrative & Professional staff members will be selected this year for their overall outstanding job performance and contributions to the Health Science Center.


Nominees must be individuals whose overall performance have regularly and consistently exceeded expectations and have reflected a high level of service, trust-worthiness, and respect.

Nominees must have:

  • Done something especially distinctive for the University or its clients AND/OR
  • Developed new or improved existing processes that have resulted in significant improvement in service, productivity, and/or cost savings.


Nominees must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be appointed as a full or part-time regular non-faculty employee
  • Must have been employed at the University for at least two consecutive years
  • Must not have not received this Award in the last five years

Please note: Current Committee members are not eligible to nominate or to be nominated. The previous eligibility requirement of "position below the level of director or chair" has been removed.


  1. Please give specific examples of why are you are submitting a nomination for the individual.
  2. You may complete the nomination by:
    1. Printing the nomination form and complete it by typing or hand printing.
    2. Fill in the form using Microsoft Word and then print it out. (Preferred)
  3. Add additional sheets if more space is required.
  4. If more than one person from the same department wants to nominate the same person, please submit only one application. Other individuals can add an additional sheet with reasons that this employee should win the award.

Nomination Hints:

    Example to consider:
  • What new processes has the nominee implemented that have resulted in significant improvement in service, productivity, and/or cost savings?
  • How has this individual demonstrated service excellence in his/her department?

Ways to begin your nomination:

Created… Organized… Implemented…
Modified… Expanded… Computerized…
Added… Reduced… Monitored…

Nomination Process

  1. The President has appointed a committee to select this year's award winners.
  2. Faculty, staff members, students, and patients are welcome to submit nominations. Employees can self-nominate.
  3. Carefully review instructions and eligibility requirements for nominees.
  4. Obtain the signature of the nominee's departmental Chair/Director or Departmental Administrator/Office Manager.
  5. Please submit completed nomination forms to; or you may send via campus mail or hand delivery to Maritza Ramirez in the Office of Human Resources - ADM 114, or by fax to 210-567-6791.
  6. Submit the Nomination Form no later than 5 p.m., Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

The President's Office will notify winners.

Presentation of Awards

The President will present the winners with plaques and checks for $1,000 (less applicable deductions) at the Presidential Awards ceremony in March, 2017.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Please send email to or call 210.567.2600.

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