Whenever needed, please download and complete these forms before visiting OIS or submitting a request. PLEASE NOTE: We have updated many of our forms. This page has the most up-to-date versions. We are unable to accept old versions of the forms.


B-1 Visiting Medical Students

B-1 Visiting Medical Students Form

Attestation for Foreign Medical Students Participating in an Elective Rotation



F-1 Students


F-1 Student Sponsorship Request

F-1 Departmental Sponsorship Request

F-1 Extension Request

F1 Transfer IN

F1 Transfer OUT

F-1 Travel Information

OPT Information Session Presentation

Optional Practical Training Guide

OPT Reporting

OPT Stem Packet

Reduce Course Load Form



J-1 Exchange Visitors


J-1 Processing Chart

J-1 Applicant Questionnaire

J-1 Hiring Department Questionnaire

J-1 Exchange Visitor Checklist

J-1 English Proficiency Attestation

J-1 Transfer In

J-1 Transfer OUT

J-1 Insurance Attestation

J-1 Travel Information

J-1 Incidental Patient Contact Attestation

No Patient Contact Statement

Information on J-2 Work Authorization

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J-1 ECFMG Sponsorship Application

ECFMG J-1 Visa Process Summary


Additional Forms/Templates

Form I-644, Supplementary Statement for Graduate Medical Trainees

Letter of Offer Template I

Letter of Offer Template II



H-1B Temporary Workers


H-1B Processing Chart

H-1B Processing Instructions

H-1B Checklist

H-1B Hiring Department Questionnaire

H-1B Applicant Questionnaire

H-1B Travel Information

Actual Wage Memorandum

H-1B Support Letter

Social Security Disclosure Form

Export Control Certification




Attestation to Maintaining Visa Status





Confirmation of Departure




Dependent Request Form



International Data Sheet

International Visitor Data Sheet



International Travel Waiver for Faculty and Staff Travel to Restricted Regions

For information regarding processes in regards to international travel to high risk areas by faculty, staff, and students for academic, business, and training related purposes, please see H.O.P. policy 15.2.2 and Travel Services Office's website:


International Travel to High Risk Areas Waiver Request



Outside Counsel



Should a department wish to sponsor an international visitor for permanent residency then please email the request along with the visitor's C.V. to the OIS Director, Diana Salazar at SalazarDR@uthsca.eduOutside


Counsel Request List

Outside Counsel Request Form



Education Abroad


Education Abroad Program Checklist



*All forms in .DOC format. You will need MS Word or any text reader to view the file.

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