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Health Science Center at San Antonio. Address
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About this issue...

From Gene Therapy to Prosthetics...

Rehabilitating the Human Body

Gene Therapy

Mending the genetic tapestry

Solving a mystery

Perplexing disorder prompts housebound patient to seek donor liver

  • Transplanting organs-winning through innovation
  • The best gifts cost nothing to give

  • Replacing bone, renewing hope

    Limb salvage procedures save organist's leg from ravages of cancer.

    Waiting to Inhale

    Surgeon's prosthesis gives tiny lungs room to grow

    Renewing the shoulder that set world passing records

    Fran Tarkenton on the cover of The Mission?
    Find out why this National Football League great
    chose the Health Science Center for a
    shoulder replacement surgery.

  • The inventor of the
    Global™ Shoulder Prosthesis System
    Charles A. Rockwood Jr., MD

  • Just another face in the crowd

  • Scientists become artists to help their patients
  • Surgeons recreate facial features
  • Fabricating replacement parts, restoring dignity

    Rehabilitation engineers work to perfect artificial limbs

    Lifelike prostheses even respond to thought commands

  • What disability? Active patient wears out prosthesis

    Whom do we treat?
    How do we treat?
    Should we clone humans?

    The ethics of rehabilitating the human body

    Legacies of excellence, growth
    mark retiring deans' careers

    On the road to success-news from South Texas

    New ideas-ways the Health Science Center is helping you

  • News on campus