Summer 1997 Mission

About this issue:


Fran Tarkenton on the cover of The Mission? Discover inside the reason this National Football League great chose treatment at the Health Science Center and why his medical history lends itself perfectly to the theme of this issue—rehabilitating the human body. His story and two others focus on extraordinary surgical techniques and innovations emanating from the department of orthopaedics, chaired by James D. Heckman, MD, professor. Also, the trials and ultimate victories of a 30-year-old liver transplant recipient, patients who have become "whole" again through the miracles of plastic and reconstructive surgery, and a woman golfer with a leg prosthesis are profiled. And ethical issues surrounding these and other medical miracles are discussed by the university's bioethicist. Health Science Center physicians and researchers are exploring the gamut of rehabilitative measures, from gene therapy to prosthetics, to provide patients with longer, quality lifestyles. As you read these pages, you may hear yourself saying, "Wow, they can do that!"

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