Kelberg Foundation donates
funds to combat TB

A new, two-year, $714,996 grant from the Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation to the Health Science Center brings the foundationís contributions to more than $1 million in recent years for research aimed at developing new treatments for tuberculosis (TB).

Led by husband and wife research team Sunil K. Ahuja, MD, and Seema S. Ahuja, PhD, both assistant professors of medicine, researchers are focusing on novel vaccine and treatment strategies that may one day help curb the number one infectious killer in the world. (See infectious diseases story.)

Eight million people have this deadly disease and three million die from it every year. A renewed threat of TB has appeared in South Texas in recent years, especially among Hispanics, who have been found to be more infected with TB microorganisms that are resistant to treatment, according to medicine department chairman Robert A. Clark, MD.

The Kleberg Foundation supports projects nationwide, giving special emphasis to biomedical research in cancer, human genetics, neuroendocrinology and tuberculosis.


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