AIDS: By the numbers

+ 40 million people will be HIV-positive worldwide by the year 2,000, according to World Health Organization estimates.

+ 316,000 AIDS cases diagnosed in the United States to date, including about 4,500 children under age 13. About 195,000 have died.

+ 100,000 Texans estimated to be HIV-positive by late 1993.

+ 17,000 AIDS cases in Texas by late 1993, about 11,000 of whom have died.

+ 8,000 HIV-positive patients estimated in Bexar County by late 1993.

+ 1,700 AIDS cases in Bexar County by late 1993, more than 938 of whom have died.

+ Many experts view estimates as low due, in part, to individuals who are not counted because they are unaware of their status. Also, local figures in any area may be low because individuals are counted where they were diagnosed. If someone were diagnosed in Houston, for example, and then moved to San Antonio, he or she may not appear in San Antonio statistics.