Grants rise by 9 percent

Research, training and public service monies awarded to the Health Science Center have increased 9 percent. Total awards climbed from $82 million in fiscal year 1992 to $89.5 million in fiscal year 1993.

Funds include state, local and private awards and represent research, training and public service funding.

"Of particular importance is that many of the research programs deal with projects directly affecting the citizens of San Antonio and South Texas," said John Rugh, PhD, director of research for the Dental School and professor of orthodontics.

"Two such programs are the Regional Research Center for Minority Oral Health ($1.1 million) directed by Dr. Don Ranly and the new Research Center on Oral Health in Aging ($3.7 million) directed by Dr. Michele Saunders.

Together, these programs will involve more than 7,000 South Texans. The information gained will provide knowledge to improve the oral health and well being of Hispanics and older residents. The long-range goal is improved access and more cost-effective care."

Barbara Boyan, PhD, director of the Industry-University Cooperative Research Center, added: "Some of the Health Science Center's success in obtaining funding is due to the collaborative team spirit that prevails on our campus. It crosses departmental and school lines and even extends outside the Health Science Center to other institutions."

In addition to traditional sources of funding such as the National Institutes of Health, industry sponsorship of research plays an increasing role. "Industry recognizes the need for basic research for its own survival. The Health Science Center is attractive to industry because of its quality of science and its industry-friendly atmosphere," said Dr. Boyan.