Dr. Marvin S. Forland honored with Distinguished Professorship


Dr. Forland
Dr. Forland
In recognition of his longtime dedication to the medical profession and his commitment to upholding the importance of medical ethics, Marvin S. Forland, M.D., professor emeritus in the Medical School, was recently honored with a Distinguished Professorship in Medical Ethics at the Health Science Center.

The Marvin S. Forland, M.D., Distinguished Professorship in Medical Ethics was created with a gift from Mrs. Shirley Markey of San Antonio, a longtime friend and colleague of Dr. Forland's. Mrs. Markey's generous gift recognizes Dr. Forland's medical career, which exemplifies the best of medical ethics.

"I am deeply honored by Mrs. Markey's gift," Dr. Forland said. "The Distinguished Professorship will allow the Health Science Center to continue to instill the importance of medical ethics in future generations of physicians."

Dr. Forland recently retired as associate dean for clinical affairs in the Medical School. His career at the Health Science Center began in the fall of 1968, when he joined the Medical School in San Antonio as its doors first opened.

At the 2000 Convocation of the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP-ASIM) in Philadelphia in April, Dr. Forland was awarded a Mastership. Masters comprise a small group of highly distinguished physicians, selected from among Fellows, who have achieved recognition in medicine by exhibiting preeminence in practice or medical research, holding positions of high honor, or making significant contributions to medical science or the art of medicine.

In November 1999, he received the Laureate Award from the Texas Chapter of the ACP-ASIM. He was honored for outstanding contributions to internal medicine, medical education and patient care. The Laureate Award is the state chapter's highest honor. The ACP-ASIM is a professional medical organization of 115,000 internists.


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