What is an endowed chair? 

An endowed chair is a highly prestigious designation usually held by a full professor, who is allowed to use the annual income from the endowment to fund his or her research, teaching or publishing interest. 

How does an endowed chair benefit the Health Science Center?

The creation of an endowed chair allows the Health Science Center to bring renowned researchers and clinicians to lead specific programs or departments. For example, the Halsell Foundation has recently created the Ewing Halsell Foundation Distinguished Chair in Aging Research. This new chair will allow the Health Science Center to bring a nationally or internationally acclaimed scientist to San Antonio to perform research on diseases related to aging.

Who can create an endowed chair?

Anyone can create an endowed chair. It is not restricted to those who were in the medical profession or related to someone who was a health care provider or researcher.

Whom can I honor with an endowed chair?

Chairs can honor a loved one, your parents, a mentor, a teacher or anyone else who has touched your life.

Why is it endowed?

When an endowed chair is created, the endowment becomes part of a permanent fund which is invested by The University of Texas Investment Management Company. A portion of the income from this investment is used to support the holder of the chair in perpetuity. A portion of the interest also is contributed to the principal each year so that it can continue to grow in "purchasing power." 

How much is needed to create an endowed chair at the UTHSCSA?

Chair: $500,000
Distinguished Chair: $1 million
Distinguished University Chair: $2 million

Whom can I talk to about creating a chair?

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available, please call University Relations at (210) 567-2056.

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