Private financial support increases

Voluntary financial support of the Health Science Center is increasing steadily.

The Council for Aid to Education (CFAE) has announced in its most recent issue of National Trends - The Voluntary Support of Education Report, that the Health Science Center is in the top 20 in two categories of private financial support.

In a survey of more than 1,000 institutions of higher education, the Health Science Center ranks No.11 in voluntary dollars per student from corporations ($3,675) and No.19 in voluntary dollars per student from foundations ($3,131). Total voluntary support in fiscal year 1992 was $19,368,199.

"These high national rankings are recognition of the quality of research and educational excellence at the Health Science Center," said W. Frank Elston, vice president for university relations. "Philanthropy and corporate contributions act as a report card from the private sector. This recent survey shows the growing community support of the Health Science Center's missions and the ability of the faculty to attract private voluntary support."

The CFAE is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1952 and dedicated to promoting an effective partnership between business and education in the task of improving America's educational system.