President's Council kicks off campaign

Kathleen Kuper of Kuper Realty and Stevenson Atherton of Atherton Capital Inc., both of San Antonio, will again co-chair the fund- raising campaign for the Health Science Center.

Headed by Kuper and Atherton during last year's initial effort, the President's Council raised $122,100 in gifts from 102 charter members. Working with Joci Straus, president of the Health Science Center Development Board, they identified individuals in the community capable of supporting this effort.

"I was extremely impressed with the dedication and commitment the chairmen and the Development Board put into this effort," said Joseph F. Teague Jr., director of development at the Health Science Center. "Not only did they have to identify potential donors, they also had to educate the donors on the need for unrestricted gifts, and how these gifts will advance the mission of the university. I applaud the donors who have the vision to make these commitments."

The President's Council was established to encourage active support and interest in activities at the Health Science Center through unrestricted gifts. These unrestricted gifts allow the president the flexibility to put monies into programs that are in need of support and to improve the quality of educational opportunities available to the students in all schools of the university.

To celebrate the success of last year's campaign and kick off this year's campaign, charter members of the President's Council were invited to a Recognition Dinner in October at the Parman House, home of John P. Howe III, MD, university president.

For information on the President's Council, call (210) 567-2056.