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Dr. Roger Macias examines Rampage hockey team goalie Travis Scott.
Dr. Roger Macias examines Rampage hockey team goalie Travis Scott.

Macias Rescues Rampage
from Dental Damage

February 2005

Roger Macias Jr., D.D.S., sits at the edge of his seat, rinkside at a San Antonio Rampage hockey game. He scrutinizes every move the players make as they glide like lightning rods across the chilly ice, wielding hockey sticks, often bumping one another and grunting as they go. He never misses the excitement, not just because heís an avid fan, but because heís the devoted team dentist for the American Hockey Leagueís San Antonio Rampage.

Dr. Macias, a San Antonio native and a 1983 graduate of the Dental School, is well-suited for the position. He has served as the team dentist for the San Antonio Missions baseball team since 1994 and has been in private practice as an adult restorative and reconstructive dentist for the past 22 years. Dr. Macias specializes in restoring teeth that have been damaged or lost because of a traumatic injury.

"It is highly likely that weíll see injuries at every game," Dr. Macias said. "Itís a very rough sport and although the players wear protective equipment (including the mouth guards he fashions for each player), injuries still occur. The injuries are usually dentoalveolar in nature. I treat anything from fractured or avulsed (knocked out) teeth to soft tissue injuries of the mouth, lips and tongue," Dr. Macias said.

Dr. Macias said the Health Science Center prepared him well for his career in dentistry and for his role as a dental emergency responder.

"I chose the Health Science Centerís Dental School to earn my degree because I wanted to earn the best education in the world. I knew I could do that here. My professors were first-rate and taught me how to perform at my very best," Dr. Macias said. "I take pride in treating players so they can get back into the game, score a goal and make a difference. The Rampage players are working to get to the next level in this sport, which is the National Hockey League. I know Iím doing my job when I can help them move closer to that goal and attain their dreams."


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