What is the Med Ed Program and its purpose?

The Med Ed Program is a year-round program developed for students beginning in the 8th grade who are interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences. The purpose of the program is to increase the number of South Texas students in the pipeline for careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing, health professions, and graduate studies. It is our goal, that once students are accepted to the Med Ed Program, they will continue to be active participants throughout high school, college, professional school, and eventually serve as professional mentors for future aspiring Med Ed Program participants.

How does the Med Ed Program work?

Prospective students must complete and submit a Med Ed Program application that includes the essay and a current copy of the grades. A decision letter is mailed approximately one week from the date that the Med Ed Office receives the completed package. Incomplete application packets will not be submitted for committee review.

Accepted students will begin to receive opportunity fliers for academic enrichment, professional development, community service, and clinical volunteering. Students can call or email the Med Ed office to register for these.


What are the Med Ed program requirements?

Students must earn 3 credits in an academic or professional development opportunity per semester. Attending a workshop in its entirety will provide the student with the 3 credits. Students also have the option to take these workshops when applicable, via correspondence for 1.5 credits.

Med Ed students must earn 6 hours worth per semester of community service or clinical volunteering opportunities. If a student is already volunteering regularly elsewhere he/she must request and complete a Community Service Verification Form that must be submitted to the Med Ed office for review and consideration. Appropriate number of hours will be awarded to students volunteer upon successful approval of form by committee.


Who can apply to the Med Ed Program?

Students from Starr, Hidalgo, Cameron, Willacy, Zapata and Hogg counties in the 8th grade, high school, and college can apply.

How can my son/daughter apply?

Interested students can contact our office via phone, email or download the Med Ed Application. Applicants are responsible for completing essay, obtaining current grades and submitting signatures. There is no cost to apply.

How long will it take for the Med Ed office to notify my son/daughter of an admission decision?

It will take approximately one week from the date that the Med Ed office receives a completed application package for the applicant to be notified of the decision. Parents and students are welcomed to call earlier to check on application review status.

What types of activities will my son/daughter participate in as a Med Ed student? How will he/she be notified of these?

Academic enrichment, professional development, community service, and clinical skills volunteering opportunities will be made available via forms or fliers on the website’s calendar, regular USPS mail and email. These flyers will contain the "who," "where," "when," "why" of the opportunities. It is the student's responsibility to call or email the Med Ed office if he/she decides to participate. Med Ed team members will always be present as supervisors at any Med Ed sponsored event. Parents are always welcomed.

How often will my child meet with others in the Med Ed Program? Is transportation provided?

Students will meet at various locations depending on the event for which he/she has registered for. Most academic enrichment, professional development activities take place at UTPA, Lark Community Center, Regional Academic Health Centers in Harlingen/Laredo/Edinburg, UTB/TSC, TAMIU or other community facilities. Each flyer will indicate specific location information.

Community service and volunteering locations vary across the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo areas. Specific location information will be found on the individual fliers.

Unfortunately transportation is not provided by the Med Ed Program.


How does my Med Ed student remain in good standing with the program?

All Med Ed students are expected to fulfill the program requirements in order to remain in good standing. In addition, Med Ed students are expected to behave as mature, considerate, polite, respectful, and well-mannered representatives of our program-especially when participating at a Med Ed sponsored event. Students must abide to appropriate dress code as specified in each and every event flyer.

Students who engage in belligerent, disrespectful communication towards a Med Ed team member, fellow Med Ed colleague, UT-Health Science Center employee, or community member; or are found to be in possession of illegal substances (ie. drugs, alcohol, etc.) can be, at the discretion of the Med Ed committee, placed on probation or otherwise expelled from the Med Ed Program.


Who can I contact if I have questions? Where is the closest Med Ed office located?

Rio Grande Valley
Toll Free: 866-663-3336
Local: 956-365-8733

Office locations: