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Incident Status

Long Campus Electrical Power Outage

Scheduled Friday, Dec. 20, 7pm to Sunday, Dec. 22, 11pm

The Long Campus power outage, required by CPS Energy for equipment maintenance, is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. December 20th and end December 22th at 11:00 p.m.   We will have the 23rd as a fall-back day, should we need it.  This electrical outage only involves the Long Campus and will not affect the MARC, CTRC, Greehey, Texas Research Park, Harlingen, Edinburg, or Laredo Campuses. Learn more.

If you must come to campus during the outage:

  • Bring your HSC ID and a flashlight.
  • Use only the main entry gate (on Floyd Curl Dr), and sign in with the officer at that gate.
  • Park only in Lot 2 (in front of Briscoe Library).
  • For your safety, please allow a UT Police officer to escort from your car to your campus destination, and back to your car.
  • Use only the entry doors and elevators indicated on this map.

See below for updates.

Monday, Dec. 23, 1pm

Wired and wireless networks are back to normal function.

Monday, Dec. 23, 8:30am

Wired network is once again available all across campus. Wireless network is mostly available, but may be degraded or unavailable in some locations on the Long Campus.

Sunday, Dec. 22, 11:25pm

Normal power has been restored at most locations across the Long Campus. Applications are being tested and so far appear to be functioning normally. Wired and wireless networks across the Long Campus will come back online in a phased fashion.

Thursday, Dec. 19, 3pm

The following systems are expected to remain available throughout the outage:

  • Network file shares, enterprise databases and enterprise web applications
  • The Virtual Private Network used to access network shares from off-campus
  • Telephone, wired and wireless networks at locations outside the Long Campus

The following systems are expected to be unavailable during the outage:

  • Wired and wireless networks and many telephones on the Long Campus
  • Remote desktop access to computers located on the Long Campus
  • Doors with card readers on the Long Campus (use only the entry doors indicated on this map)

Thursday, Dec. 19, 12pm

Prior to the outage:

  • Review the Power Outage Preparation Checklist.
  • Make sure all critical equipment is plugged into an emergency power outlet, designated by a red plate.
  • Unplug all other equipment completely from the wall.
  • If equipment cannot be unplugged, switch it off. Turn off all lights.
  • Display updated contact names & numbers on any sensitive equipment.
  • Back up computer files.
  • Sign up for HSCAlert to receive updates.