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UT Medicine San Antonio experts make Best Doctors list

Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Contact: Will Sansom, (210) 567-2579

SAN ANTONIO (April 14, 2011) — More than 150 physicians from UT Medicine San Antonio, the practice of the School of Medicine faculty at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio, are listed in Best Doctors in America® 2011-2012.

The Best Doctors database identifies the most respected medical doctors in more than 40 specialties of medicine. Only about 5 percent of physicians practicing in the U.S. are selected for each Best Doctors list.

The list is created through a peer-to-peer survey of the medical profession. Current Best Doctors are asked questions such as, "If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?”

Doctors cannot pay to be listed and each list represents two years.

“This school’s considerable successes in patient care, research and education are a direct result of the hard work and talent of our faculty,” said Francisco González-Scarano, M.D., dean of the School of Medicine, professor of neurology and vice president for medical affairs of the Health Science Center. “This is a long list of honorees but it is still only a fraction of the fine physicians we have on the faculty here.”

The following UT Medicine doctors are on the 2011-2012 list. It is possible a few faculty honorees have been inadvertently omitted.

Animesh Agarwal, Orthopaedics
Gilberto Aguirre, Ophthalmology
Stacey Allen, Anesthesiology
J. Jeffrey Andrews, Anesthesiology
Luis Angel, Medicine/Pulmonary Diseases
Antonio Anzueto, Medicine/Pulmonary Diseases
Steven Bailey, Medicine/Cardiology
M. Diana Ballesteros, Family and Community Medicine
Douglas Barber, Rehabilitation Medicine
Viktor Bartanusz, Neurosurgery
Carlos Bazan III, Radiology
Ruth Berggren, Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Cynthia Blanco, Pediatrics
Ralph Blumhardt, Radiology
David Boldt, Medicine/Hematology and Medical Oncology
Charles Bowden, Psychiatry
Robin Brey, Neurology
Jan Bruder, Medicine/Endocrinology
Robert Brzyski, Obstetrics and Gynecology
John Calhoon, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Fred Campbell Jr., Medicine/General Medicine
John Carter, Neurology
Jose Cavazos, Neurology
Tuhin Chaudhuri, Radiology
Stephen Cohn, Surgery/Trauma
Deborah Conway, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jeffrey Cordes, Psychiatry
Fred Corley, Orthopaedics
Jon Courand, Pediatrics
Donald Currie, Rehabilitation Medicine
Mark Danney, Pediatrics
Jesse Delee, Orthopaedics
Pedro Delgado, Psychiatry
Andrew Diehl, Medicine/General Medicine
Robert Dobie, Otolaryngology
Terence Doran, Pediatrics/Community Pediatrics
Donald Dudley, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Daniel Dumitru, Rehabilitation Medicine
Anil Dutta, Orthopaedics
John Erikson, Medicine/Cardiology
David Espino, Family and Community Medicine/Geriatrics
Raymond Faber, Psychiatry
Marc Feldman, Medicine/Cardiology
M. Rosina Finley, Family and Community Medicine/Geriatrics
Michael Fischbach, Medicine/Rheumatology
Barbara Fishman, Medicine/General Medicine
Mark Fredrickson, Rehabilitation Medicine
Cesar Freytes, Medicine/Hematology and Medical Oncology
Marijan Gillard, Family and Community Medicine
Patrick Glasow, Pediatrics/Cardiology
Alice Gong, Pediatrics/Neonatology
David Green, Orthopaedics
Glenn Gross, Medicine/Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Daniel Hale, Pediatrics/Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases
Chul Ha, Radiation Oncology
Glenn Halff, University Transplant Center
Kevin Hall, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Robert Hart, Neurology
Rosemary Hickey, Anesthesiology
L. David Hillis, Medicine/Cardiology
Patrick Holden, Psychiatry
Linda Ivy, Family and Community Medicine
Carlayne Jackson, Neurology
Carlos Jaén, Family and Community Medicine
David Jimenez, Neurosurgery
Scott Johnson, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Nancy Kellogg, Pediatrics/Child Abuse Pediatrics
Scott Kercheville, Anesthesiology
John King, Rehabilitation Medicine
Marsha Kinney, Pathology
Kristy Kosub, Medicine
Eric Kraus, Medicine/Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery
K. Ashok Kumar, Family and Community Medicine
Richard Lange, Medicine/Cardiology
Anne Marie Langevin, Pediatrics/Hematology-Oncology
W. Ross Lawler, Family and Community Medicine
Stephanie Levine, Medicine/Pulmonary Diseases
Michael Lichtenstein, Medicine/Geriatrics, Gerontology and Palliative Medicine
Alexandra Loffredo, Family and Community Medicine
Rebecca Loredo-Hernandez, Radiology
Jane Lynch, Pediatrics/Endocrinology and Diabetes
James Lukefahr, Pediatrics/Child Abuse Pediatrics
Margaret Mann-Zeballos, Family and Community Medicine
James Martin, Family and Community Medicine
Cervando Martinez, Psychiatry
Thomas Mayes, Pediatrics/Critical Care
David McCall, Medicine/Cardiology
Michael McCarthy, Radiology
Peter McGanity, Orthopaedics
Jeffrey Meffert, Medicine/Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery
Michael Merren, Neurology
Darlene Metter, Radiology
Soad Michelsen, Psychiatry
Alexander Miller, Psychiatry
Frank Miller, Otolaryngology
Bernard Morrey, Orthopaedics
Cordelia Moscrip, Family and Community Medicine
Mark Nadeau, Family and Community Medicine
S. Liliana Oakes, Family and Community Medicine/Geriatrics
Patrick O'Connor, Ophthalmology
Michael Odom, Pediatrics
Boyce Oliver, Surgery/Surgical Oncology
Rene Olvera, Psychiatry
Jane O'Rorke, Medicine/General Medicine
Pamela Otto, Radiology
Randal Otto, Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Robert Parker, Family and Community Medicine/Geriatrics
Jan Patterson, Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Thomas Patterson, Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Henry Perkins, Medicine/General Medicine
Jay Peters, Medicine/Pulmonary Diseases
Jean Petershack, Pediatrics/Neonatology
William Phillips, Radiology/Nuclear Medicine
Steven Pliszka, Psychiatry
Rajam Ramamurthy, Pediatrics/Neonatology
Somayaji Ramamurthy, Anesthesiology
Deborah Rasch, Anesthesiology
Charles Reasner II, Medicine/Diabetes
John S. Richardson, Anesthesiology
James H. Rogers Jr., Pediatrics/Cardiology
Donald Royall, Psychiatry
Edward Sako, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Robert Schenken, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jason Schillerstrom, Psychiatry
Wayne Schwesinger, Surgery
Steven Seidner, Pediatrics/Neonatology
Alexander Shepherd, Clinical Pharmacology
C. Blake Simpson, Otolaryngology
Vivek Singh, Psychiatry
Kenneth Sirinek, Surgery/General and Laparoscopic Surgery
Minnette Son, Pediatrics/Critical Care
Kermit Speeg Jr., Medicine/Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Earl Austin Stanley, Pediatric Specialist
Stephen Stern, Psychiatry
Ronald Stewart, Surgery/Trauma
Robert Stratton, Pediatrics/Genetics
Gregory Swanson, Radiation Oncology
Charles Szabo, Neurology
Richard Taylor, Pediatrics/Critical Care
Clark Terrell, Psychiatry
Paul Thomas, Pediatrics/Hematology-Oncology
Ian Thompson Jr., Urology
Peter Thompson, Psychiatry
Gail Tomlinson, Pediatrics/Hematology-Oncology
John Toohey, Orthopaedics
Lorence Trick, Orthopaedics
Richard Usatine, Family and Community Medicine
Philip Valente, Pathology
Margarita Vasquez, Pediatrics/Neonatology
Peter Wang, Surgery/Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
W. Kenneth Washburn, University Transplant Center
Nicolas Walsh, Rehabilitation Medicine
A. Scott Wheeler, Anesthesiology
Donna Beth Willey-Courand, Pediatrics/Pulmonology
Ronald Williams, Orthopaedics
Jerald Winakur, Medicine/Geriatrics, Gerontology and Palliative Medicine
Michael Wirth, Orthopaedics
Pamela Wood, Pediatrics/General Pediatrics

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UT Medicine San Antonio is the clinical practice of the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. With more than 700 doctors – all faculty from the School of Medicine – UT Medicine is the largest medical practice in Central and South Texas, with expertise in more than 60 different branches of medicine. Primary care doctors and specialists see patients in private practice at UT Medicine’s clinical home, the Medical Arts & Research Center (MARC), located in the South Texas Medical Center at 8300 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio 78229. Most major health plans are accepted, and there are clinics and physicians at several local and regional hospitals, including CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, University Hospital and Baptist Medical Center. Call (210) 450-9000 to schedule an appointment, or visit the Web site at www.UTMedicine.org for a complete listing of clinics and phone numbers.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, one of the country’s leading health sciences universities, ranks in the top 3 percent of all institutions worldwide receiving U.S. federal funding. Research and other sponsored program activity totaled $228 million in fiscal year 2010. The university’s schools of medicine, nursing, dentistry, health professions and graduate biomedical sciences have produced approximately 26,000 graduates. The $744 million operating budget supports eight campuses in San Antonio, Laredo, Harlingen and Edinburg. For more information on the many ways “We make lives better®,” visit ,a href=http://www.uthscsa.edu>www.uthscsa.edu.

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