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South Texas at center of aging research with national workshop (6-01-01)

Some of the top scientific minds in the field of aging research will be in the San Antonio area in the next few days for a federally sponsored research workshop hosted by The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSC).

Faculty and students from across the country will convene June 3-7 for the “Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research” hosted by UTHSC’s Aging Research and Education Center. The National Institute on Aging and the Gerontological Society of America sponsor this annual course, which rotates among three institutions leading the way in aging research – the Health Science Center, the University of Michigan and the University of California, Berkeley. This year’s location is the T Bar M Ranch in New Braunfels.

“We are in good company in the field of aging research, and this is one of the reflections of that standing. We welcome our esteemed colleagues to South Texas,” said Arlan G. Richardson, Ph.D., professor of physiology, career scientist with the South Texas Veterans Health Care System and director of the Aging Research and Education Center.

Course faculty are James Curtsinger, Ph.D., University of Michigan; Caleb Finch, Ph.D., University of Southern California; Richard Miller, Ph.D., University of Michigan; James Nelson, Ph.D., UT Health Science Center at San Antonio; Olivia Pereira-Smith, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine (soon to join UTHSC); and Phyllis Wise, Ph.D., University of Kentucky.

Guest lecturers are Gretchen Darlington, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine; Brian Herman, Ph.D., professor and chairman of cellular and structural biology at the Health Science Center; and Roger McCarter, Ph.D., and Jan Vijg, Ph.D., both professors of physiology at UTHSC.

Evi Strauss of Science magazine will make a special presentation. One of the distinguished guests scheduled to attend is Huber Warner, Ph.D., deputy director of the NIA’s Biology of Aging Program.

Faculty and students from Southern Cal, the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, the NIA, the Health Science Center, Cal-Berkeley, the University of North Texas and the University of Michigan will hear about the latest research in various subject areas, including mouse models, Alzheimer’s disease, genetic instability and cancer, and reproduction and aging.

Contact: Will Sansom