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Regents approve new medical research facility (5/8/97)

The University of Texas System Board of Regents, meeting at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, today approved both the design and appropriation for a new Health Science Center research building, to be located in the Texas Research Park.

Funding for the building was assured when the Board of Regents took official action to add $6 million from the UT System's Permanent University Fund to the $12 million raised in record time by the San Antonio business community. The fundraising campaign was headed by former Governor Dolph Briscoe, Jr. and San Antonio businessman Sam Barshop.

Dr. John P. Howe, III, Health Science Center president, said today's action represented a major advancement for the biosciences in this region. "In the South Texas Centers for Biology in Medicine, some of the finest researchers in the world will focus on the cure, and eventual elimination, of diseases that disproportionately affect our South Texas population."

Research in the new facility will focus primarily on diabetes, infectious disease, diseases of aging, bone research, immunology and cancer.

Project architects Kell Munoz Wigodsky revealed plans for the new building, which will be adjacent to the UT Institute of Biotechnology, a building which has received national recognition as a model for a research laboratory. In addition to the research facility, there will be a complex of buildings that will include a teleconference facility that is being developed in conjunction with the SBC Foundation. Designated as a beta site, the building will have the latest advances in videoconferencing and lab-to-lab telecommunications to provide a seamless communications system which will allow medical researchers to share research findings instantaneously.

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