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Rothberg captures LBJ Award from American Heart Association

Brad Rothberg, Ph.D., assistant professor of physiology at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, received the 2002 Lyndon Baines Johnson Research Award from the American Heart Association (AHA), Texas Affiliate.

Dr. Rothberg's project, "Molecular Mechanisms of Potassium Channel Modulation," gained an excellent rating from a review panel charged with evaluating research proposals submitted to the Texas and Western states affiliates. "We are studying proteins involved in electrical signaling, and this has implications in blood pressure regulation," he said. "These proteins, called potassium channels, allow potassium to flow out of the cell, creating an electrical signal that enables the blood vessels to relax. Another protein, called the beta subunit, tells the potassium channel when to open, and we are studying how these two proteins talk to one another."

Dr. Rothberg, who joined the physiology faculty this summer, is a doctoral graduate of The University of Florida. The AHA approved him for a $124,000 Beginning Grant-in-Aid Award that began July 1. He uses a technique called "patch clamping" to look at electrical signals in single cells.

Contact: Will Sansom or Aileen Salinas