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Welch Foundation furthers chemists' studies (6-15-99)

The Robert A. Welch Foundation of Houston has approved additional funding of $915,000 in support of several research programs at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

The Welch Foundation currently provides nine grants to faculty investigators conducting research projects in biochemistry and molecular biophysics. One emphasis of this support is the analysis of the three-dimensional structures of important molecules, using x-ray crystallographic and high-field nuclear magnetic resonance technologies. The Health Science Center recently established the Center for Biomolecular Structure Analysis to accommodate this type of research.

Bettie Sue Masters, Ph.D., holder of the Robert A. Welch Chair in Chemistry in the Health Science Center's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, is one of the nine faculty members supported by Welch funding. The other faculty receiving grants from the Welch Foundation are Martin Adamo, John Hart, Andrew Hinck, Paul Horowitz, John Lee, Richard Ludueña, Barry Nall and Philip Serwer. All are Ph.D. scientists in the Health Science Center's Department of Biochemistry.

"Mr. Robert Alonzo Welch stated in his will, which established his foundation, that he 'had long been impressed with the great possibilities for the betterment of mankind that lay in the field of research in the domain of chemistry,'" said Dr. Merle Olson, chairman of the Department of Biochemistry. "Providing these research grants to the faculty of the Department of Biochemistry is highly consistent with Mr. Welch's conviction and is most appreciated by the recipients of these awards."

The Health Science Center has received $8,517,931 from the Welch Foundation since the university opened in 1968.

Contact: Will Sansom