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Health Science Center reports fall enrollment (10/2/97)

Total enrollment for the fall semester at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio is 2,689 students.

The Medical School has 812 students registered in all four years. Among the 202 freshmen medical students, there were 194 students who were Texas residents, with 97 women and 105 men.

The School of Allied Health Sciences enrolled 507 students in its seven programs. including 42 in dental laboratory technology, 86 in dental hygiene, 57 in clinical laboratory sciences plus three special students, 133 in occupational therapy, 82 in physical therapy, 36 in respiratory care and 68 in physician assistant studies.

The Dental School has an enrollment of 353 students. There are 89 Texas residents among the 90 freshmen enrolled, with 41 women and 49 men.

In dental advanced education, 68 dentists are pursuing certificates and graduate degrees, including five specializing in dental diagnostic science, nine in endodontics, 10 in pediatric dentistry, 23 in periodontics and 21 in prosthodontics.

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences has a total enrollment of 445 students, including 174 pursuing a master's or doctorate in nursing, 38 in biochemistry, 29 in cellular & structural biology, 50 in microbiology, 46 in molecular medicine, 18 in pharmacology, 19 in physiology, and 30 in radiological sciences. There are 24 special students and 17 special graduate nursing students.

The School of Nursing registered 504 undergraduate students, including 156 new students. In the entering class, 150 are listed as Texas residents, with 123 women and 33 men enrolled.

Other students attending classes at the Health Science Center this fall, but not represented in the grand total, are students from the college of pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin who are doing clinical rotations as they pursue a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy; students doing clinical rotations and classwork for their Doctor of Pharmacy degree offered jointly by the Health Science Center and UT Austin; and public health students seeking a Master's in public health rotating from the UT Health Science Center at Houston's School of Public Health.

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