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UTHSC physician's book may improve cancer treatment for patients worldwide

Doctors treating prostate, bladder and other cancers will get some good advice from a San Antonio physician. Joseph W. Basler, M.D., associate professor of surgery at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSC), published the first edition of the book "Management of Urologic Malignancies." The book is a practical guide to treating and managing urologic cancers.

"The book covers diagnosis, management, treatment algorithms, and what doctors and patients can expect after treatment," Dr. Basler said. "It also offers options if a particular course of treatment fails. This takes a much more practical approach than a traditional medical textbook."

Dr. Basler is one of four editors and wrote or co-wrote many chapters of the book. More than 70 authors from home and abroad contributed. "We wrote this book, in part, to bridge the gap between treatment management in Europe and the United States," Dr. Basler said. "It is important to have an international forum because you need a perception of what is offered in other countries. Some cancers may be rare here but are common in Europe or Africa."

The hardcover book is 336 pages and retails for about $149. Dr. Basler and his co-editors are considering an additional electronic (online) format with the second edition.

Contact: Amanda Gallagher or Aileen Salinas