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San Antonio Area Foundation awards grants to HSC (7/02/98)

The San Antonio Area Foundation has awarded 16 grants totaling $314,754 to researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

The new grants target many diseases and the expansion of basic science knowledge. The San Antonio Area Foundation has awarded nearly $2 million to the Health Science Center over the years.

Recipients of 1998 grants, with award totals and projects, are:

  • Sumanth Prabhu, MD, assistant professor of medicine, $35,000 for work on "Heart Research";

  • Jeffrey Kiel, PhD, assistant professor of ophthalmology, $11,800 for "Telemetry System for Glaucoma & Eye Disease Research";

  • Joseph Harrison, PhD, associate professor of ophthalmology, $15,475 for "Early Diabetic Retinopathy Research";

  • Agustin Escalante, MD, assistant professor of medicine, $25,000 for "Arthritis Hip and Knee Replacement Research";

  • Albana Dassori, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry, $10,000 for "Schizophrenia Research";

  • Steven Chalfin, MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology, $9,104 for "Optical Biopsy System Research";

  • Oralia Bazaldua, PharmD, assistant professor of family practice, $5,000 for "50 Blood Pressure Monitors";

  • Elmer Tu, MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology, $7,400 for "Corneal Tissue Research";

  • Jean Jiang, PhD, assistant professor of biochemistry, $23,000 for "Cataract Research";

  • Damon Herbert, PhD, professor of cellular & structural biology and associate graduate dean, $25,000 for "Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships";

  • Swati Palit Deb, PhD, assistant professor of microbiology, $17,000 for "Prostate Cancer Research";

  • Nedal Arar, PhD, postdoctoral fellow in cellular & structural biology, $11,500 for "Prostate Cancer Research";

  • Daehwan Shin, PhD, assistant professor of prosthodontics, $34,050 for "Dental Implant Research";

  • Kenneth Hargreaves, DDS, PhD, professor and chairman of endodontics, $25,425 for "Diabetes Research";

  • George Kudolo, PhD, assistant professor of clinical laboratory sciences, $35,000 for "Insulin Resistance Research"; and

  • Linda Hunt, PhD, assistant professor of acute nursing care, $25,000 for "Birth Defects Attitudes Research."
  • Contact: Will Sansom, (210) 567-2570