Ready, set, go live! New homepage coming soon!

Posted: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Health Science Centerclear graphic
The Health Science Center's new homepage will go live in a few days. The homepage and other new Web pages to come will continue to evolve based on user feedback.  

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We are proud to announce that the Health Science Center’s new university homepage will go live within the next few days. We are excited for you to see where it’s headed, as this is the first of many releases to come from our WebLife project.
What key points should you know about our new homepage?

  • This is more than a rollout. We’re developing an ongoing, sustainable process to introduce new material online that will carry us forward.

  • We’ve designed it to be dynamic. Our analytics, testing and feedback will continually refine and develop the homepage to support our missions. The initial release isn’t in “final” form.

  • For easy access, we’ve gathered the links most used by students, faculty and staff in the upper right under our “Quicklinks” feature, including a full A-Z site index.

  • Every element is built on extensive study of user and stakeholder needs. We liken it to the research and development (R & D) behind the engineering of a fine sports car.
How exactly is our homepage like a fine sports car? Watch the short video on our WebLife blog for the answer.

The intensive R & D process of the last few months has led us to some important key principles around which our homepage is built. Visit the WebLife blog to learn more about the five essential motivations we identified among our website’s visitors.

Ultimately, we want our external audiences to see and describe us as an internationally prominent health care institution that brings together a unique blend of people, places and performance to create outstanding experiences for those we serve — faculty, staff, students, patients and the community. This is our goal as an institution, and the path our online experience will take to achieve.

Our homepage release is just the beginning of this exciting journey.

Take the drive with us. Together, we will continue to make lives better.

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