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Determining Who is a Business Associate


How to determine who is a business associate:

Definition of Business Associate: A Business Associate is a person or entity to which the Health Science Center discloses protected health information so that the person/entity can carry out, assist with the performance of, or perform a function or activity for the Health Science Center.

Protected Health Information (PHI): A patient's or participant's (in the case of research) health information that identifies the person or can be used to identify the person.

Business Associate Test:

  1. Is the Health Science Center disclosing PHI?
  2. Does the recipient of the PHI provide a service to, for, or on behalf of the Health Science Center?

If the answer to both of the above questions is "yes", you may have a relationship that requires a business associate agreement.

Not Business Associates:

  • Health Science Center's Workforce: Employees, faculty, residents, students
  • Health care workers providing treatment
  • Providers with staff privileges at the institution
  • Labs
  • Individuals or companies with very limited and incidental exposure to health information, such as telephone company, electrician, etc.
  • Companies that act as a conduit for PHI, such as the postal service, UPS, private couriers, etc.

Potential Business Associates:

  • Lawyers
  • External auditors or accountants
  • Professional translator services
  • Answering services
  • Consultants hired to conduct audits, perform coding reviews, etc.
  • Accreditation agencies
  • Shredding and/or documentation storage companies
  • Data processing firms or software companies that may be exposed to or use PHI.
  • Medical transcription services, even if you contract with an individual rather than a company.
  • Medical equipment service companies handling equipment that holds PHI.
  • E-prescribing Gateways
  • Health information organizations

Purpose of Business Associate Agreements
Any person or company that is a Business Associate will be required to sign a contract with special language mandated by the privacy rules. Business Associate agreements will assist the Health Science Center in protecting our patients' health information when it is released to someone outside our organization.

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