HIPAA Compliance Program, Compliance Office 210-567-2014, Compliance Line 1-877-507-7317

Process for Completing a Business Associate Agreement


Department Responsibilities:

  • Determine when services, functions, or activities are being provided by a vendor, person, or company and in the provision of those services patient health information is being shared.
  • Ensure BAA in place prior to the services being provided
  • Prepare a description of the “purposes for the sharing of PHI” to be included in the BAA
  • Contact the Purchasing Department, Manager for Contract Administration, at 210-562-6203 with the above information for assistance in completing the BAA

Purchasing Department (Manager for Contract Administration) Responsibilities:

  • Complete the BAA for signature
  • Assess need for review by the Legal Office and/or Office of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance
  • Ensure the BAA is signed by the vendor and the appropriate institutional signatory authority
  • Maintains the original signed BAA
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