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Legislative Contact Policy:   The Office of Governmental Relations has the primary official responsibility to communicate with all local, state, and federally-elected officials and their respective staff regarding The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio's present and future legislative funding and policy priorities. To ensure appropriate, timely and coordinated responses to all legislative inquiries, please forward for review all inquiries to:


The Office of Governmental Relations 
Phone: 210-567-0372
Fax: 210-567-0393


In addition, state law and University policy prohibit employees from representing the University and expressing opinions for or against any legislative action on matters relating to official University business, or use any University resources, including stationery, fax machines, e-mail and telephones, to conduct such activities. The Health Science Center’s legislative contact policy does not preclude an employee from expressing opinions for or against any legislative action as a private citizen.


Please direct all questions relating to this subject to the Office of Governmental Relations.