Graduate Medical Education

GMEC Program Oversight

The ACGME Institutional Requirements (effective July 1, 2014) section 1.B.4. a) (GMEC Responsibilities) includes but is not limited to: oversight of the institution and ACGME-accredited programs (1.B.4. a (1)), the quality of the working environment (1.B.4.a (2)), the quality of the educational experiences (1.B.4.a (3)), and the ACGME-accredited programs’ annual evaluation and improvement activities (1.B.4.a (4)). Missing are requirements for an internal review at the mid-point of a program's accreditation cycle. New to the requirements is a demonstrated oversight of "underperforming" programs with special reviews (1.B.6.a).


So, the GMEC must:

  • Assess the quality of the working environment in all ACGME-accredited programs
  • Assess the quality of the educational experience in all ACGME-accredited programs
  • Review the Annual Program Evaluation (APE) for all ACGME-accredited programs
  • Conduct Special Program Reviews (SPR) for underperforming ACGME-accredited programs
  • Implement a process for Continuous Improvement for all ACGME-accredited programs


Oversight of programs in the NAS consists of:


The month of a programs Annual Program Evaluation (APE) has been assigned by the GMEC.  In addition, any Periodic Program Review (PPR) will occur in the same assigned month.  For example, Anesthesiology is assigned to “January.”  Therefore, the APE for Anesthesiology will always be due in January.  Also, the PPR for Anesthesiology will always occur in the month of January.  Please see the GMEC Oversight Calendar for assignments.


SWOT Analysis


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