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Faculty Government


Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate of the Health Science Center serves as the representative voice of the faculty on issues that may affect the rights, privileges, responsibilities and welfare of the university's faculty. It provides a means for campus-wide communication among the faculty of all schools as well as between the faculty and administration.


Faculty Councils and Assemblies

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System, each of the university schools has a Faculty Council and a Faculty Assembly. The purpose and objectives of the Councils and Assemblies are to foster, support, and maintain excellence in all aspects of the school's activities.


Each school's Council acts as the principal policy-making and governing body on academic matters. Council membership, in general, includes Deans, Chairs, and further representation delineated in school-specific Bylaws.


Each school's Assembly is charged with active participation in major planning for that school and the campus as a whole, and is responsible for performing those functions essential to the furtherance and conduct of programs of excellence in all school activities. Each Assembly is also responsible for conducting the election process to select that school's representation to the UTHSCSA Faculty Senate. Assemblies are comprised of broad faculty membership in accordance with school-specific Bylaws. Assembly leadership occurs through an executive committee of elected officers.