2012-2013 Senate Committees and the Committee Chairs


Faculty Senate Committees are open to all full time faculty. Interested faculty should contact the Committee Chairs for meeting dates and agendas.

Academic Affairs Committee

Chair: Lori Pounds

The Academic Affairs Committee considers all issues that relate to the:

  1. Academic environment, such as policies regarding recruitment of chairs and new faculty, endowed chairs, faculty workloads, evaluation of administration, and long range academic planning.
  2. Maintaining high quality academic environment for all faculty and students, including the quality of the curricula and the student bodies of each of the Schools.

Faculty Governance Committee

Chair: Danet Lapiz-Bluhm

The Faculty Governance Committee considers all issues that:

  1. Relate to the governance and institutional budget of the University and its faculty, to assess the scope of faculty responsibility over the governance and budgets of The UTHSCSA and its Schools, and to foster links of communication between the faculty and the administration.
  2. Relate to faculty grievances; this may include review of existing grievance procedures, as well as conducting Senate hearings on grievances and negotiating solutions, formal or informal, between faculty and administration, or between faculty and faculty.

Faculty Status and Welfare Committee

Chair: Adriana Vargas

The Faculty Status & Welfare Committee considers all issues that relate to:

  1. Faculty promotion, tenure and post-tenure review.
  2. Evaluation of faculty and administrators, rank, compensation, responsibilities and achievements; this will include development and maintenance of an appropriate open database of faculty, administrators, and support staff, regarding gender, minorities, departments and other relevant information.
  3. All aspects of faculty development and welfare.

Scholarly Activities and Faculty Service

Chair: Greg Ernst

Scholarly Activities & Faculty Service Committee considers all issues that:


  1. Contribute to research, planning, conduct and evaluation of basic and clinical research, and other scholarly pursuits, i.e., the allocation of space, facilities, service, intramural support and collaboration.
  2. Contribute to services, i.e., clinical, research, laboratory and administrative, that faculty provide for the University.

Committee on Committees

Chair: Dr. Rajeshwar Tekmal

The Committee on Committee's function is to advise the Senate, through the Senate Chair, with respect to all nominees for membership on the Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.

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