Project Profile

Renovation of UT Police Service and Office Areas


Recently, Facilities Management completed a refresh/renovation of the UTHSCSA Police Department building. Because the Police Department is a sensitive building and needed to stay functional, the work was scheduled in three different phases. Working days, after hours and weekends the project started on a Thursday evening and was completed before UTPD employees retuned Monday morning.


The work consist of over laying paneled walls with sheetrock in the Police Chief's office. Also included was repainting ceiling grid, walls, doors and frames, replacing ceiling tiles, window shades, carpet, re-lamping lights, and removing and re-installing furniture.


The refresh/renovation was a great success and was completed on schedule.




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Project Team -        
Project Manager  Rodney Kotara
Trade Shops
Carpentry & Cabinets - Electric -
Richard Carter
Mark Ledford
James Mitchell
Paul Garlitz
Donnie Schimcek
Eric Granberg
James Rowe
Johnie Evans
Salvador Olivo
Emilio Flores Jr.
Thomas Diller
Robert Valdez
Alan Zvonek
Marcus Falcon
David Herrera
Thomas Smith
Jose Rodriguez
Jaime Benavides
Paint - Custodial and Moving -
Michael Barrera
Leroy Martinez
Leander Barrera
Phillip Orta
Carlos Torres Jr.
Jose Nuno
John Salinas
Samuel Reyes
Esteban Iglesias
Michael Hamilton
Eloy Guerra
Carlos Torres Jr.
Antuan Zeno
Lester Roper
Jose Nuno
Samuel Reyes
Michael Hamilton
Eloy Guerra
Esteban Iglesias
Plumbing - Utilities -
Edward Sova Jr
Pyotr Liberzon
Robert Henderson
Daniel Moreno
Kirk Digges



Rodney Kotara, Construction Superintendent, contributed to this item.