Project Profile



The Lecture Hall Commons area has seen many businesses come and go.  Once a coffee shop, then a pizzeria, now a state-of-the-art Starbucks venture, this project had challenges due to being situated right outside a major lecture hall.  The project required a complete gutting of the area.  Plumbing had to be changed to meet Starbucks specifications.  All materials were provided by the Starbucks Corporation.   This project utilized night and weekend crews so as not to not interfere with instruction. 







Facilities Management Project Team -      
Project Manager(s) Pat Rocha, Jeff Rackley
Engineering, Architecture,
Planning & Design, and Estimating
Richard Gomez
Phyllis Rosenfield
Robin Pohl
Reuben Pinkson
Tom Janes
Santos Paniagua
Eddie Martinez
Trade Shops
Electrical - Masonry -
Mark Perez
Thomas Smith
Efrain Medrano
Stephen Morales
Jimmy Adame
Paul Rivas
Brian Toole
Vic Reynosa
Alan Zvonek
James Mitchell
Donnie Schimcek
Engraving - Grounds Management -
Steve Sumrow
Refugio Rangel
Rogelio Serna
Michael Hiland
Ludio Zuniga
Engraving and Signage -
Maintenance -
Steve Sumrow
Refugio Rangel
Roy Garza
Raymond Agueros
Anthony Romero
Michael Arambula
Stephen Moreno
Andrew Martinez
Joe Hernandez
Rene Mora
Aniceto Aldaco
Arnulfo Angel
Custodial & Moving - Carpentry -
Raul Samarripas
Manuel Rendon
Gilbert Sanchez
Rose Rodriguez
Rosendo Marchan
Juan Hernandez
Mark Ledford
James Mitchell
James Rowe
Johnie Evans
Emilio Flores, Jr.
Thomas Diller
Joseph Wagaman
David baca
Robert Valdez
Paint - Plumbing -
Mike Barrera
Jose Martinez
Leander Barrera
Phillip Orta
Carlos Torres, Jr.
Luis Ruiz
Edward Sova, Jr.
Crespin Chavira
Marcus Qualls
Victoriano Sanchez
Sheetmetal - Utilities -
Rey Barrera
Gavino Barrera
Samuel Diaz
Antonio Perez
Robert Henderson
Daniel Moreno
Robert Tovar