Project Profile

Photovoltaic System


In an effort to reduce electric costs and expand ecologically-friendly practices on campus, Facilities Management  installed a 131 Kw photovoltaic system on the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Campus in late 2011.  This system consists of 280 solar panels located on the roof of the Medical School building and 240 panels located on the car park structure in Parking Lot #2.  Electricity produced by these arrays enters the grid tied to the distribution system in the Academic and Administration Building and will offset the traditionally produced energy consumed by the Health Science Center.

The project was entirely funded by a grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act totaling $774,953 and a rebate totaling $200,000 from CPS Energy. 

The Health Science Center is committed to sustainable practices and the future of renewable energy use in San Antonio.

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Facilities Management Project Team -      
Project Manager(s) Jason Lambert
Construction Management, and Estimating
Darrell Maatsch
John Amos
Gary Gilley
Tom Janes
Raymundo Rivera
Dwight Beckingham
Jeff Rackley
Trade Shops
Electrical - Masonry -
Mike Cooper
Thomas Smith
Alan Zvonek
Engraving - Grounds Management -
Steve Sumrow
Refugio Rangel
Rogelio Serna
Michael Hiland
Ludio Zuniga
Custodial Services -
Maintenance -
Tanya Pandy Craig Duncan
Joseph Williams
John de la Rosa
John Kelly
Joe Hernandez