Project Profile

Renovaton of Obstetrics and Gynecology Laboratories


On February 7 th, Facilities Management began renovation on Dr. Leslie Myatt’s, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology new Research laboratories. Six rooms are being renovated which are located in the 2 nd floor C corridor Medical School Building.


LMC, Facilities Management’s JOC contractor, will be performing the renovation in which 75% of the renovation consists of laboratory casework, benches, and shelving. In coordination with this project, Facilities Management will be working together with HSC Information Management and Services (IMS) in their own joint venture to renovate the telecommunications area. The completion of the renovation is scheduled for July 18, 2011 with the OB/GYN labs fully operational on September 1st.






Project Team -        
Project Manager Lisa Graziano
Planning & Design, and Estimating
Edward Martinez
Patricia Holtman
Efren Sanchez
Brandon Ottea
Aldo Reyes
Albert Fragozo
Santos Paniagua
Tom Janes
William Valdez
Raymundo Rivera
Jason Lambert
Trade Shops
Electric - Maintenance -
Brian Toole
Joseph Williams
Utilities -
Masonry -
Antonio Perez
Rick Blythe
Robert Henderson
Daniel Moreno
Kirk Digges
Donnie Schimcek
Plumbing -  
Crespin Chavira
Edward Sova Jr