Project Profile

Greehey Chilled Water Expansion


As part of the preparations for the Center for Oral Healthcare and Research (COHCR) building,  Facilities Management managed the installation of several 24" diameter underground chilled water lines and utility vaults in the vicinity of the South Texas Research Facility (STRF) and the Medical Arts and Research Center (MARC) buildings.  Additionally, provisions for future fiber-optic communications lines were made. 


This monumental "big dig" began in September 2012 and was completed nearly a year later. In the spirit of sustainable design and construction processes, Facilities Management and the general contractor salvaged and replanted any trees that were disturbed as part of the project.


Two 24"chilled water pipes in the ground in front of the STRF Boring machine making 42" inch bore under Floyd Curl Drive. This is on the MARC side right in front of the COHCR construction site.


From inside Vault #8 in front of the COHCR site, looking at the pipes entering vault #8 from under Floyd Curl Drive.




Facilities Management Project Team -      
Project Manager(s) Michael Cooper
Planning & Design, and Estimating
Eric Ireton
Richard Gomez
Efren Sanchez
Albert Fragozo
Christopher Garcia
Raymundo Rivera
Tom Janes
Trade Shops
Energy Plant - Electric -
Samuel Sanchez
Steven Crocker

Marcus Falcon
Efrain Medrano
Thomas Smith
Francisco Garcia
Fred Robles
Vincent Hernandez-Lopez
Maintenance -  
Michael Elliott
John Kelly