Project Profile

Construction of the New Employee Health
and Wellness Clinic


Facilities Management is helping President William L Henrich, M.D., MACP, in the mission of “making our lives better” at the UTHSCSA by constructing a new Employee Health and Wellness Clinic located in the second floor of the Nursing School building.


Construction of the clinic began on August 12, 2010, meeting the completion date deadline of September 29th. The Project Team, consisting of a cross-section of Facilities Management, has logged more than 2,500 labor hours on the project.


The clinic officially opened its doors on November 15th. Among the services it will provide are immunizations, tuberculosis screenings, smoking cessation and weight management.








Project Team -        
Project Manager  Lisa Graziano
Planning & Design, and Estimating
 William Valdez
 Phyllis Rosenfield
 Santos Paniagua
 Christopher Garcia
 Raymundo Rivera
 Aldo Reyes
 Reuben Pinkson
Trade Shops
Carpentry & Cabinets - Electric -
Robert Valdez
Eric Granberg
Salvador Olivo
Emilio Flores Jr.
Thomas Diller
Johnie Evans
Donnie Schimcek
James Rowe
James Mitchell
Juan Hernandez
Mark Ledford
Richard Carter
Jimmy Adame
Efrain Medrano
Brian Toole
Stephen Morales
Mark Perez
Paint - Utilities -
Michael Barrera
John Salinas
Carlos Torres
Phillip Orta
Jose Martinez
Leander Barrera
Leroy Martinez
Rick Blythe
Donald Hunt
Robert Henderson
Fabio Montero Colon
Pyotr Liberzon
Daniel Moreno
Antonio Perez
Kirk Digges
Plumbing - Sheetmetal -
Ronald Kyle
Crespin Chavira
Edward Sova Jr
Luis Ruiz
Gavino Barrera
Samuel Diaz
Reynaldo Barrera
Custodial and Moving - Engraving -
Richard Martinez
Carlos Torres Jr.
Sharon Mendez
Henry Solis
Steven Sumrow
Refugio Rangel




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Lisa Graziano, Construction Project Manager, contributed to this item.