Department of
Cellular and Structural Biology

Master's Program Checklist

M.S. Degree


M.S. Students in the Anatomical Sciences track must:

  • Complete a minimum of 36 hours coursework in
    • Gross anatomy
    • Histology
    • Neuroanatomy
    • Physiology
    • History of Anatomy
    • Medical Genetics
    • Scientific Communication
    • Special Studies in Anatomy/Cell Biology
    • Responsible Conduct of Patient-Oriented Clinical Research
    • Patient-Oriented Clinical Research Methods
    • Student Teaching


M.S. Students in the Biotechnology track must:

    • Complete a minimum of 36 hours total coursework
    • Enroll in Experimental Design and Data Analysis, and the Ethics courses
    • Enroll for one semester in the Seminar course
    • Enroll for one semester in the Thesis course (after being admitted to Candidacy)
    • Select a thesis advisor and begin work on an independent research project
    • Present Thesis Proposal to COGS (must occur at least one full semester before defense)
    • Write Thesis
    • Defend Thesis


    In addition, M.S. students in the Biotechnology track must complete:

    • Fundamentals of Biomedical Sciences course
    • Minimum of 2 semester hours of elective coursework