Department of Cellular and Structural Biology

CSB Faculty


Cylia W. Kamp, Ph.D.



University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, 1976


(210) 567-3801


After earning a PhD in pharmacology in 1976, I obtained a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Pharmacology at UTHSCSA. The next year I moved to the Department of Cellular & Structural Biology (then "Anatomy") to study retinal neuropharmacology with Dr. William Morgan. While pursuing research in Bill's lab, I also completed the course in Gross Anatomy and Embryology offered first year medical students. The following year I applied for a faculty position in the department and was granted an assistant professorship. For several years I conducted research with a start-up grant in retinal neuropharmacology in my own new laboratory as well as continuing to collaborate on projects with Dr. Morgan. During those years I also taught in Dental Gross Anatomy and Embryology, Medical Gross Anatomy and Embryology, Head and Neck Anatomy for post-graduate dental students and in several pharmacology/anatomy courses for graduate students in Cellular & Structural Biology.


In 1982 my husband and I welcomed twin sons into our family. Several years later I retired from the Health Science Center to spend full time raising our boys. During two of those years, I served as a consultant for the department and produced an x-ray exhibit still used in the Dental Gross Anatomy and Embryology course. My husband, a radiologist in the community, helped me obtain the films. In the years after my retirement I also participated in dozens of volunteer projects including maintaining websites and producing newsletters for several non-profit organizations.


In 2008 thanks to both Drs. Christi Walter and Linda Johnson, I was rehired by the Department of Cellular & Structural Biology as a part-time instructor in Medical Gross Anatomy and Embryology, Medical Neuroscience and Gross Anatomy for OT and BME students. It's so wonderful to be back teaching and interacting with faculty friends, both long-time and new-found. And the timing is perfect - those little twin babies are now, amazingly, 26 year-old men beginning graduate studies. Wow, how time flies!