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Charleen M. Moore, Ph.D.



University of Tennessee, 1971


MED 440F
(210) 567-3875


Dr. Moore participates in teaching gross anatomy to first year medical and physician assistant students and is director of the History of Anatomy Medical School Enrichment Elective (ELEC 5022) and Graduate School elective, History of Anatomy (CSBL 5015), which includes a visit to the UTHSCSA P.I. Nixon Medical History Library collection. (View Photo Gallery of visit to P.I. Nixon Medical History Library)


Dr. Moore directs a senior elective for fourth year medical students, History of Anatomy In Situ (CSBL 4024), which focuses on the reawakening and development of the study of anatomy in 14th-18th century Italy. This course includes a trip to Italy (Padua, Bologna, and Florence) to visit the oldest extant medical schools and anatomical dissecting theaters where this resurgence occurred. (View CSBL 4024 Photo Gallery) During Dr. Moore's visits to Italy, she started plans to bring Italian medical students to the UTHSCSA to participate in an anatomy workshop that would give them experience in dissection. The first workshop was offered in August 2008 with five students from the University of Bologna. (View story about the students and the workshop) Fourteen additional students have participated in the program. Dr. Moore has also offered a workshop in Art and Anatomy for UTHSCSA first year medical students and art students from the University of Texas at San Antonio (Moore, Lowe et al., 2011). (View Art and Anatomy Photo Gallery) Related to her interest in the history of medicine, Dr. Moore has published articles on the intersection of art, anatomy and religion (Moore and Brown, 2004a and b; 2007).


Dr. Moore is Co-Director of Medical Genetics (CSBL 6165), a course for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. In 2011, Dr. Moore received the UTHSCSA Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching and was inducted into the UT System Academy of Health Science Education.


Dr. Moore is Past-President of the American Cytogenetics Conference and hosted the national meeting in San Antonio in 2012. Her research activities have centered on characterizing human cytogenetic abnormalities and carrying out comparative cytogenetics studies in primates and marsupials. Currently, her research involves studies in several primate species, including the baboon and macaque, in which she has described analogous chromosomal rearrangements to human cytogenetic abnormalities (Moore et al., 2007). Recent cytogenetic studies have been related to the development of spontaneous tumors, to environmental conditions, fetal loss, and fibrous dysplasia (Moore, Dick et al., 2011; Bauer, Dunn et al., 2012).

Dr. Moore and students in the P.I. Nixon Medical History Library
examining rare anatomical illustrations and texts.


Dr. Moore in the 17th century anatomical theater in the Archiginnasio (University of Bologna). Statues of Galen (left) and Hippocrates (right) are found in niches along the walls.


Research Techniques:
Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH)
Unbanded breakage studies




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