Department of Cellular and Structural Biology

CSB Policies & Procedures


Employee Guidelines for New and Old Employees:
Employee Guidelines
Performance Review Report
Performance Review Form
Exit Clearance Form
HR Separation Process
Employees First Report of Injury
HIPAA Privacy & Security Training
UTHSCSA Knowledge Center
Visa Application Process
Visa Application: Financial Support Form
Achievement Award Program Guidelines "Going Above & Beyond"
Achievement Award Program Nomination Form "Going Above & Beyond"

Practical Issues (Leave Requests, Time Sheets, Telephone, Photocopying, Ordering)
Departmental Policies & Procedures
CSB Leave Request Form
Monthly Time Sheet - Blank

Student Issues
CSB Master Student Selection Form

Professional Travel
Professional Travel
Pre-RTA Form

    Outside Employment (travel paid by, or honoraria received from, outside organizations)
    Request for Approval of Outside Employment Form
    School of Medicine (SOM) Policy for Accepting Honoraria of Fees
    Conflict of Interest - Conflict of Commitment
    Conflict of Interest - Conflict of Commitment HOP 10.1.6 & HOP 10.1.8

Entertainment Expenses
CSB Entertainment Expenses
School of Medicine (SOM) Policy on Entertainment HOP 6.1.6

Extra-mural Funding
eCRT Presentation
eCRT - Time & Effort Reporting
CSB Internal Grant Processing Form

Annual Inventory Reporting
Annual Equipment Inventory
Property Removal Permit (PRP)

Career Development:
Tenure Track Mid-Probationary Review See HOP 3.7.4
Post Tenure Evaluation Process See HOP 3.7.5
CSB PTAC Non-Tenure Instructor/Research
CSB PTAC Non-Tenure Assistant Professor/Research
Grant Submission Template.doc
Faculty Verification of Curriculum Vitae (CV) Content Required eCV Cover Letter.doc
The eCV is the required format for promotion / tenure packets. Your Departmental Administrative Support person is available to help update your eCV.  Helpful information regarding the use of the eCV system, as well as suggestions about the documentation of expertise, may be found at:

eLearning eCV 4U Part I eLearning eCV 4U Part II eLearning eCV 4U Part III

Procedures and Policies for Promotion and Tenure Consideration
Procedures and Policies for Promotion and Tenure Consideration See HOP 3.4.2 & 3.7.1
Policy on Advising Faculty of Tenure & Promotions Approved by PTAC 9/8/11 See HOP 3.6.5