Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy

About Graduate Programs


The Graduate Program in Cell Systems & Anatomy provides a rewarding opportunity for students wishing to pursue either the M.S. or Ph.D. in preparation for a fulfilling career in biomedicine.


The strength of our program is its diversity; faculty are performing state-of-the-art research in the areas of cell biology, cancer biology, human and molecular genetics, anatomical sciences, reproductive biology, immunology, developmental biology, neurobiology and the molecular basis of aging. Personal and individualized attention is given to each student as he/she pursues a program of study designed to develop his/her scholarly and laboratory aptitudes.


CSA is consistently ranked in the top third of all cell/molecular biology departments in the nation for total NIH funding. In 2010, CSA Ranked 19th in NIH Awards for Anatomy/Cell Biology Departments. NIH Award Ranking of Medical Schools Departments by Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research.


Graduates from the programs accept research or teaching positions in academic or industrial settings; however, some have chosen alternative opportunities, such as patent law, medical, or dental school.